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From Steve Blackburn <Steve.Blackb...@anu.edu.au>
Subject Re: Work items
Date Sat, 28 May 2005 04:57:25 GMT
Rodrigo Kumpera wrote:

>Next time I'm going to implement something in line with jikesRVM`s vmmagic 
>(more like stealing the whole concept)
That's the idea!  vmmagic has emerged from at least three separate 
projects (OVM, JikesRVM and jnode).  If you're interested in the whole 
magic concept, there is discussion of it in the original Jalapeno papers 
and here's a tech report written by OVM people a couple of years back: 

Perhaps we can start a new thread with [exec] to discuss execution 
(interpretation and JIT).  I think it would be great if people like you 
were to discuss your experiences some more.  We may need separate 
[interp] and [jit] threads, but to start with there are a bunch of 
questions about how the two ideas relate, how they interact, the various 
pros and cons, so maybe we just start with the broader thread of [exec]

> and maybe give a try with 
>self-hosting. Steve, do you have some pointers about how jikesRVM or OVM 
>does that?
In a nutshell, jikes rvm is first generation, it was the first to do 
this. OVM came later, and from what I hear did a nicer job and 
introduced greater flexibility.  BTW, I'm not quite sure what you mean 
by "self-hosting".  One interpretation is that you only need Jikes RVM 
to build Jikes RVM.  That is currently not true because of some 
relatively minor limitations in Jikes RVM.  So we depend on a third 
party VM to build (Sun, IBM, or kaffe).

Here are some of the original papers describing the java-in-java approach:

Note that JikesRVM has moved a fair way since then, however, the boot 
image writing and the key java-in-java issues have not changed much at all.

I'd also suggest you take a look at the OVM sources:


With some luck some of the ovm'ers will chime in with something more 


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