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From Steve Blackburn <Steve.Blackb...@anu.edu.au>
Subject Inventory of assets
Date Tue, 24 May 2005 01:15:31 GMT
The wealth of ideas that are coming to the table is impressive.

I suggest that we establish some sort of inventory of our "assets" 
(presumably on the wiki).  I think that such a resource will be 
enormously helpful to a project like this one which is trying to bring 
together a huge pool of enthusiasm, prior work and outstanding 
research.  If this project could produce a VM that literally combined 
the best of all of the work at the table, it would be a formidable VM 

By "assets", I mean everything from the concrete (donated code), to the 
more abstract (resources such as papers like the one Andy posted to the 
list yesterday).  I think that if we maintain this as we go along, it 
could prove to be a really valuable resource.  To me this is our 
strength---so many different individuals bringing different expertise to 
the project, from code to ideas.  If we can catalog that wealth and 
therefore have it at our collective fingertips, I think the chances of 
this project capitalizing on those ideas and doing really exciting 
things will increase greatly.

I can imagine a tree like structure, with leaves on the tree being 
assets, each one described briefly---if code, then the level of 
availability and license, and perhaps a summary with pointers to more 
info.  If a paper, then a short summary and a pointer, etc etc etc.  For 
example, I think all of the VMs we're aware of should be leaves of a VM 
node in the tree.  The Boehm collector adn MMTk are obvious leaves of 
the VM.GC node.  The paper Andy raised could be added to 
VM.interpreter.  It may in fact be a graph, with, JamVM, for example 
getting a mention under VM.interpreter as well as VM and OVM could be 
under VM and VM.java-in-java, etc etc etc.  In a relatively short period 
of time, this could become a great repository of the state of the art in 
VM design and implementation.

It may then be that the technical FAQ simply becomes a set of references 
to the inventory of ideas.


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