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From Aaron Hamid <ar...@cornell.edu>
Subject Re: [arch] VM Candidate : JikesRVM http://jikesrvm.sourceforge.net/
Date Sat, 21 May 2005 02:09:09 GMT
It would be great if everyone would agree on a single architecture and 
plan, and it would be great if everyone, despite their personal 
preference, committed to working on that single VM; but since that has 
not (yet?) happened, there are people willing to work, there are several 
robust candidates ("seeds") in existence, and that much of the 
"manpower" is going to come from volunteers pursuing their own interests 
which are not re-allocatable at our whim, I don't see any harm in simply 
moving ahead now.


Mark Brooks wrote:
>> My point was that instead of attempting to disenfranchise one or the 
>> other camp of its notions, allow two parallel veins of investigation 
>> according each his own inclination.
> Investigation is fine enough, but let's face facts.  This is a HUGE 
> project.
> We do NOT have the time or manpower to write two VMs as part of a 
> project where we need a working J2SE 5 implementation, from basement to 
> TV aerial so to speak, and we need it in time to be relevant.  Even with 
> donated code, it won't work to do VMs in parallel.

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