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From crispyalien <crispyal...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [arch] VM Candidate : JikesRVM http://jikesrvm.sourceforge.net/
Date Fri, 20 May 2005 19:20:22 GMT
Hi, I just wanted to say that a free opensource VM with do a lot of 
harmonyzation in Java world. This is more or les the missing pice. There 
are some free java VMs but they will never be used in critical by the 
companys to run there applications if it won't be backed-up by a big 
(and well known for it's qality) company/fundation. I think Appache 
fundation cand be that sponsor. I also believe that Harmony should only 
be about VM+classpath. But I could also see the meaning in having a tool 
development pack. This could be done by some other project. Maybe 
Appache could take the lead here too but this is another story.

best regards,

Gary Affonso wrote:

>On 5/20/05 3:38 AM, "Geir Magnusson Jr." <geirm@apache.org> wrote:
>>On May 19, 2005, at 10:29 PM, Renaud BECHADE wrote:
>>>Another point that is unrelated, but what about the "packaging" of
>>>the VM?
>>>Do we plan to release it with say Eclipse + Server (JSF + IDE +
>>>object DB or
>>>O/R mapping + HSQL DB)? (IMHO this is good way to legitimate it)
>>No.  Why would we do this?
>I could see why someone (at least myself) might tend to think in this
>This project has been called "Harmony" and, well, there's a lot in the Java
>world that could stand to be "Harmonized".  The various ORM solutions, the
>IDE's, the webapp frameworks, etc.  Hell, a good chunk of the "disharmony"
>with Java right now is serious rift between Sun, which pushes EJB, and the
>"lightweight" folks who are seeing a shocking (and, IMO, deserved) amount of
>success with creating and using an EJB alternative (Spring, Hibernate,
>I'm not saying I think this Harmony project should try to and harmonize any
>of those thing.   It's got its job cut out for it to "harmonize" the various
>efforts around...
>  * a JVM
>  * a compiler
>  * a class library
>...without thinking about the upper layers of the Java stack.  I think the
>scope of this effort is clear to those who are moderately "in the know".
>But it's not a big surprise (at least to me) that when moderately "out of
>the know" people hear "Java Harmony" they might think the effort extends
>beyond just the core components.  Indeed, they'll probably assume that it
>addresses the aspects of Java that are, to many, are the most acrimonious to
>begin with (EJB vs Lightweight or NetBeans/Swing vs Eclipse/SWT).
>If nothing else, I'd suggest this be in a FAQ somewhere so that it's clear
>that "Harmony" intends to address just a small subset of the java world, not
>even the one that gets the most "acrimony" in the press and on blogs.
>- Gary

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