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From Ben Laurie <...@algroup.co.uk>
Subject Re: [arch] VM Candidate : JikesRVM http://jikesrvm.sourceforge.net/
Date Fri, 20 May 2005 11:42:55 GMT
Santiago Gala wrote:
> El vie, 20-05-2005 a las 11:26 +0900, shudo@computer.org escribió:
> (...)
>>Of course, such a runtime will have
>>another interpreter or a baseline compiler (written in C/C++?) and
>>Java-written JIT can be debugged exhaustively. But such a reflective
>>nature certainly makee debugging harder.
> Even if this is true (and I don't buy it completely), there is a very
> beneficial side-effect: the basic VM core, MM/GC, verifier and JIT make
> exceptionally good test cases for themselves, which would greatly reduce
> the possibility of bugs or memory leaks when the releases arrive to the
> users. At least in the basic data structure and bytecode
> interpretation/compilation parts. And specially so if the bootstrapping
> is done in a few machine architectures before releasing. Also as a side
> effect, performance tuning of the VM will be something intrinsic, as
> slowness will be noticed fast.

Given a halfway decent set of regression tests, these benefits are 
pretty marginal.

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