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From Carlos Fernandez Sanz <cfs-harm...@nisupu.com>
Subject Re: Developing Harmony
Date Tue, 17 May 2005 15:19:34 GMT

Jónas Tryggvi Jóhannsson wrote:

>> Question to the floor: if it had to be one of C and C++, which would 
>> you prefer?
> I can't think of a single reason why C should be preferred over C++.
> C can simply be viewed as a subset of C++, and as Java users we all

This might be true for newbies but anyone who has used both knows that 
this assertion is very superficial.
Using C or C++ is, among other things, a design decision.

Having said that, I'd say that the biggest advantage of C++ in this case 
is its library. Are we going to use it to implement Java's? Are we going 
to use boost?


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