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From Ben Laurie <...@algroup.co.uk>
Subject Re: Developing Harmony
Date Tue, 17 May 2005 10:02:50 GMT
Jónas Tryggvi Jóhannsson wrote:
>> Question to the floor: if it had to be one of C and C++, which would 
>> you prefer?
> I can´t think of a single reason why C should be preferred over C++,
> C can simply be viewed as a subset of C++.

That sounds like a reason to me.

> As Java users, all of us 
> appreciate object orientation and understand how it can be used to 
> simplify software and make it more readable. Writing C code in an object 
> oriented manner simply does not give the same level of abstraction C++ 
> can provide.

I agree. Many developers don't.

> Im however very fond of the idea of writing the JVM in Java. Im 
> beginning to look into the JikesRVM and I really like the idea, 
> especially as it is the language that everyone on this list is  familiar 
> with.

As I said before, don't assume we're all Java fans here. I'm far more 
familiar with C++ than I am with Java.

> It would also maximize the quality of the tools that we will 
> provide, as we would be using them to develop our JVM.

Like I said, a framework that allows you to do this is definitely what I 
want to see. But it should also allow me to write the JVM in C.

Is the Jikes licence one we can use?



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