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From Ben Laurie <...@algroup.co.uk>
Subject Re: Introduction, and a question
Date Tue, 17 May 2005 08:41:13 GMT
Santiago Gala wrote:
> El lun, 16-05-2005 a las 16:08 +0530, Subramanian, Sundar escribió:
> (...)
>>I guess what Brad is asking is for a snapshot of the state of JVM.
>>would be really useful to migrate stuff from one environment to
>>preserving the underlying state.
> I have mixed feelings about having a "save image" __a la__ Smalltalk, if
> this is what you are meaning. While delivering an image looks tempting,
> state gets corrupt in unpredictable ways, and having ways to track
> changes becomes a nightmare.
> The Smalltalk community has worked hard in this (hard) problem, but I'm
> still not sure if it would make sense in the java world. Java is a
> system-oriented language, and the ability to save the whole VM state and
> recover from this saved image would bring additional constraints to the
> Virtual Machine implementation. For instance, machine specific JIT code
> should be invalidated upon save, negating a substantial part of the
> advantages of a saved image (faster startup).
> This said, if VM implementors out there find easy ways to meet these
> constraints w/o burdening runtime or memory requirements, it could be an
> area for experimenting.

I would say this should definitely be an optional feature.

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