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From Ben Laurie <...@algroup.co.uk>
Subject Re: Developing Harmony
Date Mon, 16 May 2005 15:51:58 GMT
Tom Tromey wrote:
>>>>>>"Steve" == Steve Blackburn <Steve.Blackburn@anu.edu.au> writes:
> Steve> I am going to stick my neck out and make a few concrete suggestions
> Steve> for how the Harmony VM might be developed.
> Excellent post.
> I would like to mention a different possibility:
> * Write a new, modular VM in C or C++
>   - Go through the interoperability list[1] and define internal
>     modules along these boundaries
>   - Pick 2-3 use cases as target environments.  I suggest "small
>     embedded", "desktop application", and "j2ee server"
>   - Make good reference choices
> * Use Classpath as the class library
> * Port MMTk to C, or otherwise find a way to use it

Or use it to test the "modular, in any language" concept.

> * Use LLVM[2] as the JIT engine

LLVM looks cool, but comes with a wholebunchastuff under different 
licenses embedded in it. A casual inspection suggests we can probably 
work around them, but a closer inspection would be required.

> * Write an interpreter engine as well, for special situations (small
>   memory).  Assuming Classpath proves to have an acceptable license,
>   which really IMNSHO is the only sane possibility, we can just copy
>   over the one from libgcj.
> Drawbacks of this plan:
> * JikesRVM is further along, so longer time to "hello world"
> * Everybody has to learn C++ (or C)

I don't really buy this is a drawback, since whatever you choose, 
everybody'll have to learn it.

It would be wrong to assume that everyone involved in this project is 
totally in love with Java :-)

I'm pretty sure we want a framework in C/C++, whatever components are 
developed in.

Question to the floor: if it had to be one of C and C++, which would you 



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