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From Stefano Mazzocchi <stef...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Questions about the Classpath license exception
Date Mon, 16 May 2005 15:01:50 GMT
acoliver@apache.org wrote:
> That's a bit knee jerk.  Far more value could be found from working 
> together.  We have more in common than not.  If we learn to compromise 
> and work together, the gains will be tremendous.  Seperately we're all a 
> bunch of qubbling groups who produce pieces of Java that are interesting 
> and maybe even useful, but are not really as much of a force to be 
> reckoned with.
> While the Free Software Foundation and its allies have produced 
> tremendous works, the Apache Software Foundation has made the greatest 
> progress in freeing Java.  This was done through persistence and 
> compromise often over the objections of hard-headed people like me who 
> like to knee-jerk too.
> The Free Software Foundation is the force which allows us to have Linux 
> or Gnu/Linux today among many others.  Apache gave us the Apache Web 
> Server and countless other libraries.  The FSF gives us GCJ, Apache 
> gives us countless Java libraries, frameworks and toolkits that are 
> developed in line with our shared ethos.
> However, we do these things apart and do our own part to negotiate for 
> the freedom of Java.  Its time to take a much larger step and work 
> together, find commonality and keep cool heads.
> Calls to give up and go our own way are frankly unhelpful and very 
> early.  A free and open Java is at our grasp through combined talent.
> Personally, I have temendous respect for the abillities and talents of 
> both groups and look forward to them working together to produce a free 
> high performance production-ready Java.


We are more similar than we are different. Let's respect the differences 
as cultural values, but let's walk together toward the common goal.


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