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From Brad Cox <bradj...@gmail.com>
Subject Introduction, and a question
Date Mon, 16 May 2005 00:23:04 GMT
Hello. I'm an old-timer with OO languages (Objective-C originator) but a 
newcomer to open source. I've just signed up to this list because 
Harmony sounds like something I could really get excited by. I'd welcome 
suggestions as to how to get started, traps to avoid, etc.

I'll start by venturing what I suspect might be a naive question. Java 
is fast enough once it gets its legs beneath it, but the classloader is 
giving it a bad rap for speed. That's my impression, not measured fact.

Has there been any consideration to stealing an old trick from 
Smalltalk/Lisp environments...a "restart" option that reloads the 
dynamic state saved by a previous execution, typically one that has just 
completed loading an app's classes but before run-specific instances 
were created?

I seems too simple to not have been tried, particularly with such as 
Peter Deutch involved with the JIT compiler.

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