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From Brian Goetz <br...@quiotix.com>
Subject Re: [
Date Fri, 13 May 2005 22:10:42 GMT
> The web is full of asshats, misanthropes and social misfits with blogs.  
> The guy is an asshat.  

You just wish he would call you an asshat.  Being called an asshat by 
Hani is a true badge of achievement in the Java world.  I look fondly to 
the day that I achieve the status of asshat in Hani's weltanschaung. 
But I won't bore you further with my asshat-wannabe-aspirations.

He may be abrasive (he's worked hard to become so), but there's always 
some truth to what he says.  Try and find it, its actually a worthwhile 

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