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From Ben Laurie <...@algroup.co.uk>
Subject Re: Against using Java to implement Java (Was: Java)
Date Fri, 13 May 2005 07:58:01 GMT
Mark Brooks wrote:
>> I hope you use C to write the VM for Harmony.
> The chief objection I have to using C to write the VM is that it 
> introduces a host of common errors and delays associated with using C or 
> C++ for large products.  C is an excellent language for its purposes, 
> but this isn't 1972.  Java was created to resolve a number of problems 
> that arose from the ever-growing design of C++, which I swear is rapidly 
> becoming the new PL/1.  We could use a restricted subset of C++ I guess, 
> but a lot of "gee-whiz" features would have to be left out to assure 
> cross-platform compatibility.  So why not use Java?

One of the reasons why not, from my POV, is because it runs so badly on 
most platforms. If you happen to use Windows, Solaris or Linux(? I 
don't, so I don't know) you may be happy developing in Java. Anywhere 
else, its a PITA.

I've tried to sell C++ in the ASF many times. Even back when it wasn't 
quite so bloated as it is now it wasn't a popular idea. Far fewer people 
can write C++ than C, and hardly any of those can write _good_ C++.

So, I think we'll end up back at C. As I've said before, I'd like to see 
a framework that _allows_ most of the VM to be run in Java (or Python, 
or Perl, or Erlang, or whatever-floats-your-boat), but doesn't require it.



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