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From Torsten Curdt <tcu...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [
Date Fri, 13 May 2005 04:29:22 GMT
Nick Lothian wrote:
> Hani is a smart guy and we would be wise to listen to what he is saying.
> He's a very active contributor to many (non-Apache) open source projects
> and has probably contributed more lines of open source code than the
> majority of people on this list. If that doesn't give him the right to
> comment then I'm not sure what does.

Sure everyone is free to comment but if he is really
a smart guy as you say I would have expected a few
more arguments. The valid questions are buried
under a pile of useless (and not so smart) offenses.

> Q) What is the clear need for an open source Java?

So what's the need for an open source operating system?
Pf... Everyone has different motivations. But there is
no reason for being so impertinent.

...and also no reason to discuss this here.

> Don't get offended - take it as a challenge and prove him wrong.

Yepp ...so let's concentrate on what we want to achieve.


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