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From Kev Jackson <kevin.jack...@it.fts-vn.com>
Subject Re: Against using Java to implement Java (Was: Java)
Date Fri, 13 May 2005 04:07:56 GMT

>How are you wasting replying to emails and undertaking a discussion.
Undertaking discussion isn't bad by itself.  But discussing things and 
producing nothing is.  From these discussions that have already occured, 
I would have liked to see some resolution.  "We are going to tackle x 
first, we are going to use y technology" etc.

>If you think spending time on a good design phase is a waste of time on such 
>a massive project theres something wrong...
hmm, nope I think spending time doing nothing is a waste of time on any 
project of any scale.  Get code in the repo, get people contributing, 
gather some momentum.  Without that we are doing exactly what critics 
will point out - nothing but arm waving.  Making a decision is 
important, we can change it later.  Right now we aren't even at the 
design stage, so you can't say I'm against "good design" - I'm arguing 
for momentum on ideas and deciding what to approach first.  Currently we 
have too many options, so I'm going to propose a vote (in the Apache 
way), just to clear away some of the debris:

Write a crude VM first, from scratch, using other VM's as guidance, but 
not incorporating code from other projects to avoid licensing issues.
Yes []
No []

At least we can see what's happening

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