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From Karl Trygve Kalleberg <kar...@gentoo.org>
Subject Re: Status updates and distribution integration
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 21:39:35 GMT
Mark Wielaard wrote:

>>Mark, is there anything similar to that for debian and/or gentoo? (just 
>>curious, since I run debian those on my servers).

> Karl (CCed) can probably give you a similar plan for Gentoo.

We don't have a 100% fixed road map at the present time. But you should
be able to get an idea of where we want to go from looking at


> The consesus seems to be to follow the http://www.jpackage.org/ project
> as much as possible. Even though at the moment they are very RPM based.
> That is probably one of the reasons Gentoo and Debian are a bit behind.
> They cannot just lift the packages from jpackage, but need to do some
> more work to adapt them cleanly to their distribution.

As Mark points out, there is very little we can reuse from jpackage.
However, and this is extremely important: whenever they detect and error
in the deployment system (i.e. build system) of a package and submit a
patch upstream, the world becomes a better place. The state of the build
systems for open source Java packages is simply terrible.

Especially for a from source distro, like Gentoo, where we count on
actually being able to find sources for all the different .jar files,
life sometimes becomes rather difficult, as the source code doesn't
actually always exist anymore.

There are honorable exceptions to the packaging nightmare: Kaffe,
Classpath, Java GNOME, etc.

We maintain about ~300 Java packages in Gentoo, including Eclipse, kaffe
(and eight other VMs, four open source), GNU Classpath and large parts
of the J2EE stack.

Currently, our focus is proper 1.5 compilation support for all packages.
When that's done, we may move back into assimilation mode and add
packages like crazy again;)

Kind regards,

-- Karl T

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