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From Dalibor Topic <robi...@kaffe.org>
Subject Re: Java
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 16:41:33 GMT
Dmitry Serebrennikov wrote:

> So I guess those libraries being in Java is not a foregone conclusion 
> either then? :) JNI is a mess though...

The J2SE libraries require certain bits and pieces that would be pretty 
pointless to reimplement in Java unless the target environment does not 
provide them, and in that case you *might* be better off just porting a 
different library from an environment to support it, rather than 
rewriting the whole TCP/IP stack in Java, for example. That depends on 
the environment you're targeting.

Ideally, you want to have both options, of course. But in practice, most 
people prefer to delegate at least some functionality to their target 
environment, if any possible, by (re)using the facilities provided by 
the OS or portability layers.

To give you an example: Kaffe has an InetAddress implementation that can 
use both the native os facilities, or delegate to the DNSJava libraries. 
Which choice is better depends on the target environment.

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