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From Will Pugh <willp...@sourcelabs.com>
Subject Re: I hope the JVM implements most using Java itself
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 06:40:35 GMT
I think you would also want to pay attention to how much control you
need over memory allocation. Java doesn't give you much control over
memory, yet in many scenarios (such as start-up time or running on
devices) working set can be just as important as the actual codes
executed for performance. You would have much more control over working
set/memory if you used C/C++.

王在祥 wrote:

>I think the speed and performance is determine by:
>1, the JIT qualilty. Since a C based JIT and Java JIT both generate machine 
>code, there should be less difference, only difference from the JIT alogrith
>2. other runtime service such as allocation, GC, thread and synchornization. 
>But it also depends on the alogrith and not the language itself.
>>How about speed? [not criticizing, just curious]

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