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From Fernando Lozano <ferna...@lozano.eti.br>
Subject Re: Java
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 04:13:57 GMT

See how today we have many high-quality network servers, database 
drivers, IDEs, compilers, interpreters and other kinds of system-level 
software written in Java. If Java has proven to be more productive for  
these software, why not for the VM itself? There's no reason we should 
still be dealing with zero-bytes at the end of strings and size of 
buffers at every string copy.

[]s, Fernando Lozano

sergio escreveu:

> I agree.
> Steve Blackburn escreveu:
>> I would like advocate the use of Java in implementing the VM (*).
>> This may seem a low-level issue, but I'm raising it now because it
>> will have significant implications for the VM core and the overall
>> approach this project takes.
>> Why?  a) Software engineering benefits.  b) Performance.  c) "Eating
>> your own dog food" is good for you.

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