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From Fernando Lozano <ferna...@lozano.eti.br>
Subject Re: Windows support
Date Tue, 10 May 2005 14:55:21 GMT

You are completely out of context here. We are not creating an open 
webserver -- we already have many of them, best of breed and market 
leaders. You can use the Apache Httpd, Apache Tomcat, Jboss, Jonas and 
others. Microsoft IIS was long left behind. I know this is difficult to 
perceive at some companies, but take a look at www.netcraft.com and see 
what are the most used webservers on the net.

We already have our very successfull scripting languages, also market 
leaders, like PHP and JSP. Our databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird 
and others) are not yet the market leaders but they are growing very 
fast and getting many former Microsoft or Oracle customers. And all 
these are easy to learn, set-up and use. Companies like Google and 
Amazon make lots of money using them, vendors like JBoss, MySQL and Red 
Hat also have big profits, and there's a very high probability that your 
bank uses these also.

But many of the software packages I told you depends on a Java VM to 
run. So far the one we use most of the time is not our Java VM, it isn't 
a free software Java VM, but a proprietary one made by Sun Microsystem. 
This list aims to share the experience of many free software projects 
that are creating a Java VM to replace Sun one and so get the result in 
a shorter time frame.

So, if you do not develop Java software, you probably are on the wrong 
list. :-)

[]s, Fernando Lozano

>hey wow - this newsletterthingy is great. i want to add somelines to give 
>some more live to this channelling.
> would are you all talking about. i know java, apache, webtechniques - what 
>are you aiming at.
> is it an attempt to create a basically open source websever package, to 
>drop mirosoft with their iis from the market or is it a webserver 
>communication standard?
> Can you create easyly your own webtechniques ( a new scriptlanguage, 
>database modul, services whatever) with it?
> Do i need superextreme highskilllevel programming experiences to use the 
> who starts the project, it there somebody who is going to make business 
>with it (sun?)
> where do most of the people, working for this project come from?
> thanks, so far xunling

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