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From Stefano Mazzocchi <stef...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Windows support
Date Tue, 10 May 2005 14:26:49 GMT
Kalecser Kurtz wrote:
> I fail to see the point on writing open source software for Windows,
> on windows we already have SUN's and IBM's java impl and I think noone
> would care to have an free(from freedom) java impl.

Some shortsighted people said the same when mozilla started ;-)

You a lot of people fail to see is that the world is smarter than XYZ 
Corp. (interestingly enough, even Bill Joy said that out loud once).

Some people like 'free software' for its freedom. Some people like 'open 
source' for its openness.

I like it because, if done well, it creates communities and communities 
(as once Sam said) are your best copyleft *and* your best driving force 
*and* your best catalitic engine.

Not only "given enough eyeballs bugs gets fixed", but given enough 
modularity and 'harmonic' reuse, people are free to innovate and 
experiment, and communities are free to pick up the best solutions.

On the outside, a JVM needs to pass a TCK in order to be certified and 
called "java". But on the inside, there is no tall order on how you 
should implement the JIT compiler or the GC algorithm, and these are 
great places for people to experiment, including native precompilation 
and/or OS-level security sandboxing.

Let me tell you, the day a 'free' JVM will run your code faster and as 
reliably on Windows, people will switch, just like the use apache httpd 
instead of IIS.

None of us wants to get a JVM that is compliant but a sluggish pure 
accademic exercise.

We want to rock the java planet and build bridges between all different 
communities and pieces, existing and not, already open sourced or 

We might fail. Yes, this is known and recognized. But at least we won't 
feel guilty anymore for not having tried.


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