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From Dalibor Topic <robi...@kaffe.org>
Subject Re: Windows support
Date Tue, 10 May 2005 13:19:15 GMT
Berlin Brown wrote:
> Hello, I am not a JVM guru like the others, just a long-time Java
> advocate and sit-back-and-watch Harmony person.  I have a comment, I
> know there will be a strong interest in getting an Apache backed
> system on Linux/Solaris/Mac environments.  It would be nice to see a
> strong effort for Windows support.  One of the key selling points of
> Java is its portability.   Having a Windows port would be key.   And,
> we all love to hate Windows, but it is pretty pervasive.  It would be
> nice if the Windows support was part of the initial focus and not an
> after thought like some of the research Open-Source/JavaVMs that are
> out now.

Hi Berlin,

I believe that mostly the reason why the current release of Kaffe has 
very little Windows support (just via cygwin) was the lack of big enough 
interest from developers familiar with and working on Windows. That, and 
the lack of some volunteer who cared enough to drive the issue to 

I'm glad that you are considering volunteering to fix that problem: 
there are Kaffe ports to Cygwin, as well as a mingw32 port, and ports to 
WindowsCE platforms as well as DOS.  You do not have to be VM guru to 
fix build problems, and there have even been patches floating around for 
Kaffe to make it build fine with MSVC++. On a side note, integrating 
MSVC++ into Kaffe's (and other autotools based) build systems should be 
fairly easy using cccl m4 macros, I've done this myself in a different 
project to have a single, automated build system.

On the other hand, for all I know IKVM works great on windows already. :)

> Also, I would suggest a port of C-Code Kaffe/GCJ JavaVM code to a
> Microsoft backed compiler, possibly Visual C++ 6/7.  Or at least
> provide build support for the Windows platforrm.

Get cygwin, get kaffe 1.1.5 tarball, get jikes 1.22 tarball. unpack 
jikes, configure && make && make install it, unpack kaffe, configure it 
with --disable-native-awt (cygwin did not support gtk last time I 
checked) and --disable-sound (neither did it support ALSA or ESD) and 
--enable-pure-java-math (unless you installed GNU MP libs with headers). 
  make, and pester me with bug reports :)

The Cygwin patches to 1.1.4 from Gerrit P. Haase have been merged in 
before 1.1.5 came out, but when I tried out 1.1.5 a few weeks ago, I had 
some problems with Cygwin's make utility. On the other hand, cygwin is a 
fast moving target, and chances are the problems are fixed now.

If you are interested in making it happen, hop on the Kaffe mailing 
list, or the irc://irc.freenode.org:#kaffe channel.

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