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From Karl Trygve Kalleberg <kar...@gentoo.org>
Subject What's the mood in the trenches?
Date Sun, 08 May 2005 10:41:58 GMT

Hello harmonizers,

I see from the announcement that the bigwigs of the most popular
free/open-source Java infrastructure projects have signed (Tromey,
Topic, Wielaard in particular), so there is certainly at least a token
interest in the Grand Unification of things.

However, from looking at the Kaffe IRC and mailing list, the Classpath
mailing list and a few other related places, there's not been much a
discussion about this project there yet.

Do any of you instigators have a feel for how motivated the core
contributors of your respective projects are about this harmonization?

I know from previous packaging experience, that there are *a lot* of
competing free/open-source JVMs out there, and many have been created
solely to scratch the itch of one person or a small group.

Grand Scale Itch-scratching, however, seems to be a difficult skill to
master, just as unifying the many small kingdoms in Europe (and
elsewhere) proved difficult (and bloody) in the medieval times.

I'd like nothing more than for this project to succeed. Geir-Arthur and
his round table[] of trusty fellows deserves the best of luck. I promise
to test whatever you produce and package the stable stuff:)


-- Karl T

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