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From tum...@mac.com
Subject Re: Compilation of other languages
Date Sat, 14 May 2005 19:24:02 GMT

On 14 May 2005, at 19:41, Humberto S. N. dos Anjos wrote:

> As far as I know, you don't have to convert your source code  
> written in
> Python, for example, to Java before compiling. It's an easy way  
> out, since
> you only map Python structures to Java classes and let javac do the  
> heavy
> lifting, but not strictly necessary.

Doesn't Jython work by converting the Python source to Java source  
and then adding a runtime library?

I'm talking about going directly from the language direct to byte- 
codes, bypassing the Java source step.

> Of course, if somebody wants to create the extra compilers, their
> code is pretty much independent from the Harmony VM code, so go ahead.

That's the idea. But it would be nice if the system allowed  
"pluggability" of different languages. For example, instead of having  
a separate compiler program for each language, having the ability to  
associated compiler modules with program extensions (say). That way,  
dependencies could check between different languages at compile time.

> several structures inexistent in Java (structs, delegates/events) that
> require some careful thought to avoid inefficient code generation.

Isn't that the fun but? :-)

> Honestly, I don't think that, for now at least, this should be a  
> concern.

I think what would be a job for now, is separating out the Java  
language compilation into a module through a common interface, that  
would allow other modules (by third party groups) to extend the  
language coverage in the future.

I'm not suggesting writing compilers for every language now, but  
allowing the system to be extended in the future.


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