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From "Matthew French" <matt...@camary.co.za>
Subject Re: Java
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 08:52:59 GMT
Dmitry Serebrennikov said:
> Using APR sounds very promising.

I need to verify this, but I don't believe APR really gives us what we
need in a VM?

A VM is very "thought intensive" code, but it should have very little
dependance on external system libraries. It needs to do malloc and printf
and that would be about it. And often you would want to use system
specific libraries for the performance gain.

APR would be very useful for the J2SE libraries, though. But that is a
different issue.

> Since the goal of Harmony is to build *modular* VM, perhaps an
> architecture should be developed from the beginning...
  *drum* *drum* *drum*

> Competing
> implementations of various modules could then be produced by either camp
> and then the numbers will speak for themselves. But more importantly,
> ability to support such a mix would be an excellent gage of the quality
> of the APIs between modules.

My thoughts exactly.

- Matthew

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