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From Lee Morgan <...@lsol.co.uk>
Subject Re: Java
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 10:01:35 GMT
I worked on a project where we ported a few different VM's to the 
cold-fire processor of years back, that may or may not prevent me from 
contributing to this project due to IP conflicts (please advise), does 
the project intend for the VM to be suitable to run on resource 
constrained devices?  and therefore be a suitable platform for the 
CLDC.  I know that Linux is being used more and more in embedded 
systems and if we focus on small footprint everyone benefits.

I would like to aim big:

Full compliance (J2SE and then J2EE)
Small footprint core written in C
Small number of non portable functions to minimise porting overhead
Plug-gable garbage collectors (one similar to train that uses a swap 
file-system for old objects might be nice)
And why not a version that sits at the kernel level like TUX for 
maximum performance.
Class libraries implemented in whatever way the contributor would like, 
native implementations for some platforms, pure Java where possible.
We could start with pure Java implementations to get something working 
and then consider native implementations for the parts that really need 

I think the key is for it have as broad appeal as possible, and to suit 
as many contributors as possible.

- Lee

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