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From usman bashir <grip...@gmail.com>
Subject Summing Up
Date Fri, 13 May 2005 21:31:58 GMT
Dear fellows!
 i have been watching the discussion closely since long now, and i have 
decided to put the things in summed up version what i learnt and thought 
about this project so that i may be able to bring some harmony in the 
"harmony" project.
 first the major concerns arises why we need an open source version of java 
when we have some good examples in our hands by Big vendors. here are some 
my thoughts!
 Open sourcing java will enable us to earn the following benefits
 1. We can embed it right into the core of Linux .
 2. we have a free version (and many knows the cost value who ever need to 
deploy their applications to worl who never ready to put their penny in any 
other way)
 3. Due to open source, not only developers but companies able to verify the 
base code of the java and its efficiency and merge their changes in it (but 
sorry to say living in the Specs of sun and it should be mention in our 
specs as well , as we are not wana to create mess here , we are moving 
towards harmony ;) )
 4.it will also help the others to tap into the java and it will help the 
community to make extensions in java and at the end also to Sun as well.
  so there can be more arguments when we come to this discussion so i think 
however enough for those who are curious to know some flag.....
 then it come to point how should we go on in the positive direction,
 here is my suggestion, first of all i would like to solve the issue of 
programming (as major discussion lies around this issue ) 
 for me, we should do most of work (as much as possible ) in java, which not 
only help us to write some better code but also help us to maintain it well 
and if we becomes stick some where like some guys pin out issues of memory 
management, bootstraping, GC etc , we can dig though c/c++ etc. 
 but how we will be done , i have the idea we should split the desing into 
various parts and then each team could decide well what he could do in this 
regard, for example a team working on the memory management could work in 
C/C++ if they find it easy and moduler (though i still favors java now but i 
think it should leave over them ...) 
 so it also allows us to integrate more volunteers in this project , based 
from all sources not only java.
 anohter benefit of this would be is that we can extend the VM as we need in 
future due to its moduler nature.
 i also like the idea of embedding the extension components , as it will 
realy make the sense if u look last goal of my list, as companies may decide 
to use some other component for their project suiting to their context, and 
if we go like i said X-teams then we can achieve this target as well.
 now the last thing , dont worry why are messing up at now, projects always 
took time, and dont speak loudly like developers, who only know to run thier 
hands without worrying what to come....
 and at the end being junior i would like to get pardon before if any one 
minds ;)

Usman Bashir

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