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From sh...@computer.org
Subject Re: Introduction, and a question
Date Wed, 18 May 2005 01:40:41 GMT
> Newbie question: What is to stop us from caching JITed code?  .NET/
> mono does this as far as I know?

We can do it even in the forthcoming Harmony runtime.

On the other hand, an apparent drawback is disk
consumption. Generally, JITted native code takes 3 times or more as
much as bytecode takes.

Another drawback is that the saved JITted code still needs symbol
resolution and the JIT compilers and loader of the saved native code
are complicated according to it.

It may be possible for the reused code to be optimized along runtime
information. But the Java runtime has to have such a feature to
judge a method is being executed or not.

  Kazuyuki Shudo	shudo@computer.org	http://www.shudo.net/

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