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From Daniel Qarras <dqar...@yahoo.com>
Subject Harmony Cross-Compilation
Date Fri, 13 May 2005 20:35:53 GMT

you've probably received tons of comments,
suggestions, wishes, etc so I guess one more cannot

Summary: please make it possible to cross-compile

Background: I work with embedded systems and I've
learnt that Sun's slogan "Write once, run everywhere"
surely doesn't apply in the embedded world - there's
simply no JVM for platforms like Linux/MIPS or
NetBSD/ARM from Sun. Perhaps even the server side with
less popular HW suffers the same problems (Alpha,
S390, HP-PA, who knows?). So I think it would be great
if I could take Harmony and just cross-compile it for
my platform of choice, no matter what OS or HW I'm
using. I also think that it's much easier to make
build system (and the code) cross-compilable right
from the beginning than to find out later that a
painful overhaul is needed.

Speculation: People might also be intrested in using
Harmony to create J2ME runtime platform for their
embedded devices once Harmony/J2SE seems to be mature.
At that point cross-compilation support is essential.


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