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From Davanum Srinivas <dava...@gmail.com>
Subject JCVM on windows? (Re: [arch] VM Candidate : JC @ http://jcvm.sourceforge.net/)
Date Tue, 31 May 2005 13:12:42 GMT

Just found this thread on jcvm mailing list:

Can you please comment on effort to port JCVM to windows platforms?


On 5/18/05, Archie Cobbs <archie@dellroad.org> wrote:
> Geir Magnusson Jr. wrote:
> > For those that want meaningful subjects lines, here it is and for  those
> > that are waiting for an architecture discussion - here it is.
> >
> > Here's the first of the offered VMs.  (I've privately mailed Tom van
> > Dijck about mudGE so we can look at something else)
> >
> > I've downloaded and will begin playing with today.  Archie, can you
> > give a brief overview of structure?
> >
> > Can we get some discussion about this from those that know about  about
> > VM architecture?
> The structure of JC is reasonably straightforward, i.e., the bits
> that are obviously going to be dependent (e.g., heap allocation code
> and GC code) are dependent, but otherwise there shouldn't be more than
> the "usual" amount of cross-dependency between code modules.
> Any of the "little" bits such as classfile parsing and ZIP/JAR decoding
> should be very modular and easily transplanted.
> The online manual provides some useful info about the overall design.
> Cross-cutting design issues include, as you might expect:
> - Object layout & lockword bits layout
> - Type, field, & method meta-data structures
> - Thread meta-data
> - How exceptions are thrown & caught
> - Stack frame layout (in JC, it's the same as C), stack unwinding
> On the topic of writing the VM in Java: this makes a lot of sense and
> there's no reason it should inherently be slower. In fact, eliminating
> the "impedence mismatch" between VM internal code execution and Java
> code execution was also one of the goals of JC as well (as a result, e.g.,
> the native methods in JC (not including JNI) have zero overhead). And
> JC's code generator is written in Java, so a major portion of JC is
> written in Java too.
> -Archie
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