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From acoli...@apache.org
Subject Re: Compilation of other languages
Date Sat, 14 May 2005 22:51:07 GMT
I'm disinterested in the discussion of the value of other language 
support from the perspective that you've given, but I
do disagree with your premise that multiple language support at the VM 
level requires API agreement. 

API agreement is only required if you do not have open implementations 
or bytecode implementations of the API.  Meaning
if I have all of the python APIs and a way to interpret/compile python 
bytecodes then no API agreement is required.  There
might be issues required for cross language expression.  (calling 
conventions etc)  That however is another issue entirely.

I do not think it is practical to create this type of VM for C/C++.  I 
think harmony's focus should be a JVM but if a desire is expressed
for more cross langauge capabilities, then basically focus on higher 
level languages like Java, C#, Python etc.. C/C++ require a much lower
level effort in my opinion.  (though it is a very interesting idea :-) )


Matthew French wrote:

>On Sat, 2005-05-14 at 12:19 -0700, acoliver@apache.org wrote:
>>I'd actually like to at least entertain the architectural idea implied 
>>by other "language" support.
>I think supporting other languages should be easy enough. Structs and
>enumerations, for example, can be mapped to specific types of classes. A
>VB variant is just another class. Pointer arithmetic would require some
>interesting hacks but could be done. 
>The problem for me would be mapping API's to the class libraries. To get
>code written in other languages to work in a Java would require not only
>a mapping from the API of the original language, but also an
>understanding of the semantics. 
>.Not[1], er, .Net manages this by, for example, making Visual Basic .Net
>a different language to the previous versions. AFAIK it also requires 
>C/C++ developers to learn a new API, but C/C++ developers should be used
>to that by now. :(
>So you either have the ability to write Java code in other programming
>languages but cannot compile something written for a different set of
>API's (interesting, but not particularly helpful). Or you use an
>enormous amount of effort to produce something with dubious value.
>- Matthew
>[1] My own private joke, not to be taken literally: Java is write once,
>run anywhere. .Net is write many times, run once.

Andrew C. Oliver
SuperLink Software, Inc.

Java to Excel using POI
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