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From acoli...@apache.org
Subject Re: Java
Date Mon, 16 May 2005 08:39:58 GMT
Mark Brooks wrote:
>> Hey, this is an Apache project.  There is no lead - we're all peers.
> Then we are doomed. :)

That's absurd.

>> But if you are looking for something to do ....   how can we figure  
>> out the viability of this approach, and either park the idea as an  
>> interesting one but not appropriate for the project, or a good one  
>> that we'll keep going forward with?
> I lack the requisite experience to take the lead on this.  However, I 
> think we couldn't really make that determination until someone has done 
> some high-level specifications and determined what exactly needs to be 
> done.  That requires us to identify preliminary issues regarding the 
> build environment.  Realistically, what is our timeframe here?  If we 
> have 36 months, we might be able to achieve a lot.  If somebody is 
> looking for something in the next 12 months, the project might have to 
> be scaled back.

Wow... So I'm guessing you've never worked on an open source project. 
Welcome.  Take a look around, you'll find many projects are governed 
this way and accomplish great things without traditional project 
management per se.

> Exactly what IS Harmony?  If the goal is an Apache-licensed J2SE 5.0 
> implementation, then we have two parts (1) the VM and (2) the class 
> library.  Our requirements tool is the TCK -- but somebody still needs 
> to reduce that to a series of requirements and specifications so we can 
> target what needs to be done and estimate how long it will take to do.

So stop complaining and start doing it.  There are no appointed leaders, 
that is not to say there are no leaders.  Good leaders take action, set 
an example and then others choose to follow.  The TCK is not our 
requirements tool per se.  Open specifications are our first and 
foremost tools.  There is a reason for this, the TCK is governed my 
nondisclosure agreements that will only make it open to key contributors 
most likely Apache members.  However, plenty of information is out there 
that will allow everyone qualified to contribute.  how will we filter 
the qualfied?  Frankly the population of this list will exponentially 
divide once real coding starts :-)


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