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From Santiago Gala <sg...@hisitech.com>
Subject Re: Threading
Date Sun, 22 May 2005 13:14:58 GMT
El dom, 22-05-2005 a las 21:09 +1000, Steve Blackburn escribió:
> Incidentally, this is a good example of where James Gosling misses
> the 
> point a little: MITRE got involved in Jikes RVM not because it is 
> "better" than the Sun VM, but because it was OSS which meant they
> could 
> fix a limitation (and redistribute the fix) that they observed in the 
> commercial and non-commercial VMs alike.

A big +1 (and I hope that Goslings eventually read your comment). As a
linux-ppc user I don't feel java is "free enough": I'm restricted to the
ibm-jdk-1.4.2 (not bad, but then, there is no choice), and I don't even
have plugin support for browsers.

One of the things that make OS java inevitable is the trend towards
hardware commoditization. The end of the Wintel monopoly and the rise of
the cellular phones clearly mark this trend, and this trend makes unwise
to depend on a core language or library that you can't port to any

For me now this is flash (I don't miss it much), java and some voices in
festival. flash is not available at all.

java, the atheros madwifi kernel driver and some festival voices used to
be the only binaries that I had installed. I had to drop the festival
voices as glibc moved. So, just the madwifi driver hal and java
Santiago Gala <sgala@hisitech.com>
High Sierra Technology, SLU

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