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From Sven de Marothy <s...@physto.se>
Subject One way to start hacking now
Date Tue, 17 May 2005 17:55:35 GMT
I've seen a lot of anxious volunteers on this list just itching to get
started with something. And I'd like to make a suggestion, which is to
help out on the GNU Classpath class libraries. I wrote an intro on
how[1] to this list.

Some of you may be hesitant because you're more interested in Harmony,
and it hasn't been decided if Harmony will actually use GNU Classpath or

However: There is no real reason to be worried here. Although Classpath
does require FSF assignment of copyright, that assignment gives you a
full grant-back of rights. Meaning: If bad comes to worse and Harmony
doesn't use GNU Classpath, you will still be able to contribute your own
Classpath contributions to Harmony.

This is because the ASF only requires a full license, and not the
copyright ownership. (whereas the FSF requires ownership but gives you
back a full license).

IANAL, but I've gotten confirmation of this from FSF-licensing (see

So, those of you itching to get started with something, I invite you to
come look at GNU Classpath. Your effort will not be wasted.



[Comment: the text I was referring to 'as above' here is the Apache
Contributors License Agreement]
> > [sven@physto.se - Mon May 16 17:12:01 2005]:
> > So the question here is, after I've has assigned copyright on code
> to
> > the FSF, does the FSF grant-back of rights allow me to license that 
> > code to Apache, as above? 
> Yes.
> -- 
> -Dave "Novalis" Turner
> GPL Compliance Engineer
> Free Software Foundation

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