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From "Jonathan Worthington" <jonat...@jwcs.net>
Subject Re: Compilation of other languages
Date Tue, 17 May 2005 14:35:47 GMT
"Vijay Kiran Duvvuri" <vkiran@quark.com> wrote:
> Any Ideas on ParrotVM ?
> http://parrotcode.org
Depends what kind of ideas you're looking for.  I have followed the Parrot 
VM development for quite a while, though haven't had time to contribute a 
great deal to it due to Real Life constantly getting in the way.

Parrot has many features aimed at supporting dynamically typed languages, 
though that doesn't prevent it from running statically typed ones like JAVA 
(I recall someone developed a proof-of-concept JAVA bytecode to Parrot 
bytecode translator once).  Parrot is a register based VM.  It has GC (which 
is only conservative when it comes to walking the stack), a working JIT for 
quite a few platforms, NCI (so it can call into native code) and support for 
all kinds of other things that languages need to do (namespaces, objects, 
I/O, threads, aync I/O, events, MMD, continuations, etc).  It builds on a 
wide range of platforms.

There's work to do yet, but Parrot is looking quite promising as a VM for 
running multiple languages and allowing interoperability between them (e.g. 
by allowing dynamically loadable oplibs, laying down some standard calling 
conventions, allowing different languages to express their own semantics 
with their base types while still allowing other languages to access them).


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