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From "Jonathan Worthington" <jonat...@jwcs.net>
Subject Re: I hope the JVM implements most using Java itself
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 10:58:53 GMT
"王在祥" <wangzaixiang@gmail.com> wrote:
> ok. the JIT output native machine code, then it is the JVM runtime to
> execute it.
> JVM = (Java Source) --compile-to- (byecode) -- precompile-to- (Nativecode)
> (User Java Code) --compile-to- (Bytecode)
> the JVM now load bytecode, calls the JIT to translate it native code, and
> execute the native code.
> So how the JVM execute the native code? it is compiled by the JIT compiler
> also, but it looks that it is something magic.
The point of the JIT is that the JVM itself doesn't execute the native 
code - as in, not in the way it executes bytecode (though interpret is the 
right word for this, I guess).

To my understanding a very over-simplified outline of process to doing JIT 

1) Take your JVM bytecode and step through it op by op for the bit we want 
to JIT.

2) For ops that we know how to generate native code for, spit out (native) 
machine code into a chunk of memory.  For those you don't, put in a call to 
a chunk of code in the JVM that does that op.  (This also means you can 
build up JIT support op by op - and some ops will probably always be to 
complex to JIT - I may be wrong here though).

3) Put some magic machine code on the end of the chunk of machine code the 
JIT just generated that returns control to the JVM when execution is 

4) Write some code that causes the CPU to jump to the chunk of machine code 
that was generated.  At this point, the CPU itself is doing all of the 
instruction fetch and execute, which is why with JIT you can (in theory) get 
a bytecode instruction done in one CPU instruction - there is no overhead 
from the JVM.

You can do further "tricks", like caching machine code that was generated 
for quick execution again later, or spotting very frequently executed chunks 
of machine code and deciding to try doing some optimizations on them.

Sorry if everyone knew this already, but hope it might help those less 
familiar with JIT.  Oh, and hi from yet another list newbie. :-)


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