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From Apache Wiki <wikidi...@apache.org>
Subject [Harmony Wiki] Update of "PolicytoolDev" by AndrasBelicza
Date Sat, 19 Jul 2008 12:42:55 GMT
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The following page has been changed by AndrasBelicza:

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backup commmit

   *The '''control''' package contains the classes handling the policy files and policy syntax,
and a main Controller class which handles the user interactions and connects the view and
the model.
  = The model package =
  The base class of all entries is the PolicyEntry class. Defines 2 abstract methods to get
and set the string representation of a policy entry.
  There are basically 2 entry types:
   *GrantEntry: - this is used to define access and grant to various system resources.
   *KeystoreEntry and KeystorePasswordURLEntry: these 2 define the location and other parameters
to the keystore
+ The grant entries might include one or several principals and permissions which are represented
with the respective classes (Principal and Permission).
+ In order to remember the real structure of the editable policy file, extra spaces and comments
are stored in CommentEntry instances.
+ = The View package =
+ The frame of policytool is represented by the MainFrame class. It contains a menu bar, a
text field to display the edited policy file, and a tabbed pane for the 2 editor panel.
+ The editor panels are inherited from the EditorPanel class, which defines methods for setting/getting
the edited policy text as a string, and provides an interface to check if the panel contains
unsaved changes. There are 2 subclasses of EditorPanel:
+  *DirectTextEditorPanel: provides a text area to view and edit the policy text as-is
+  *GraphicalEditorPanel: provides the well-known GUI with some improvements available with
+ The data inputs regarding to the policy text are handled via BaseFormDialog-s. This dialog
provides some utility methods and the 2 common OK and Cancel buttons. The classes profiting
from BaseFormDialog:
+  *KeystoreEntryEditFormDialo: to view/edit data to locate the keystore
+  *GrantEntryFormDialog: to view/edit grant entries
+  *PrincipalEntryFormDialog: to view/edit principals
+  *PermissionEntryFormdialog: to view/edit permissions
+ Policytool contains several entities which has to be listed, available for editing and removing,
and provide an interface for adding new entities. Such entities are grant entries, principals,
permissions. The generic ListAndEdit class is responsible to provide such an interface which
is used parameterized when used for the listed entites.
+ The LAEFormDialog is a specialized FormDialog which is intended to handle the data view/edit
interface for entities available through a ListAndEdit component.

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