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From Apache Wiki <wikidi...@apache.org>
Subject [Harmony Wiki] Update of "Jitrino OPT/opcodes" by Mikhail Fursov
Date Mon, 26 May 2008 07:23:37 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by Mikhail Fursov:

   * [:Jitrino_OPT/opcodes/DefArg: Op_DefArg] - Defines an argument of the current method.
Usually one the first instructions in entry node.  Modifiers: DefArgModifier
  === Load instructions: ===
-  * [:Jitrino_OPT/opcodes/LdConstant: Op_LdConstant]
-  * [:Jitrino_OPT/opcodes/LdRef: Op_LdRef] -  String or reference
-  * [:Jitrino_OPT/opcodes/LdVar: Op_LdVar]    
-  * [:Jitrino_OPT/opcodes/LdVarAddr: Op_LdVarAddr]
-  * [:Jitrino_OPT/opcodes/TauLdInd: Op_TauLdInd]
-  * [:Jitrino_OPT/opcodes/TauLdField: Op_TauLdField]
-  * [:Jitrino_OPT/opcodes/LdStatic: Op_LdStatic]
-  * [:Jitrino_OPT/opcodes/TauLdElem: Op_TauLdElem]
-  * [:Jitrino_OPT/opcodes/LdFieldAddr: Op_LdFieldAddr] -  lower to ldoffset+addoffset
-  * [:Jitrino_OPT/opcodes/LdStaticAddr: Op_LdStaticAddr]
-  * [:Jitrino_OPT/opcodes/LdElemAddr: Op_LdElemAddr]
-  * [:Jitrino_OPT/opcodes/TauLdVTableAddr: Op_TauLdVTableAddr]
+  * [:Jitrino_OPT/opcodes/LdConstant: Op_LdConstant] - Load constant provided as a ConstInst::ConstValue
into ''dst'' operand.
+  * [:Jitrino_OPT/opcodes/LdRef: Op_LdRef] -  Loads constant String or reference address.
The ''index'' of the contant in a method's metadata structure (constant pool index in case
of Java) and the ''type'' of the resulted value are provided as parameters.
+  * [:Jitrino_OPT/opcodes/LdVar: Op_LdVar] - Loads temporary ''src1'' operand into ''var''
+  * [:Jitrino_OPT/opcodes/LdVarAddr: Op_LdVarAddr] - Loads address of a ''var'' operand into
''dst'' operand. The type of the result is a managed pointer to source ''var'' operand's type.
+  * [:Jitrino_OPT/opcodes/TauLdInd: Op_TauLdInd] - Gets address of a value as ''src1'' operand
and 2 taus to ensure that address is in valid range and ''this'' pointer for the loaded field
is not null. Loads the value referenced by ''src0'' operand and returns it as a result.
+  * [:Jitrino_OPT/opcodes/TauLdField: Op_TauLdField] - The same as Op_TauLdInd but instead
of the address of the field a field handle is provided.
+  * [:Jitrino_OPT/opcodes/LdStatic: Op_LdStatic] - Loads a value of a static field into ''dst''
operand. No null check is needed. 
+  * [:Jitrino_OPT/opcodes/TauLdElem: Op_TauLdElem] - Loads a value stored in ''array'' operand
of array type located by the ''index'' parameter value. Uses 2 tau operandsto ensure that
array is not null and the index is not out of bounds.
+  * [:Jitrino_OPT/opcodes/LdFieldAddr: Op_LdFieldAddr] - For the provided ''base'' and  ''field_handle''
operands returns the address of a field.
+  * [:Jitrino_OPT/opcodes/LdStaticAddr: Op_LdStaticAddr] - For the ''field_handle'' operand
of the static field returns the address of a field.
+  * [:Jitrino_OPT/opcodes/LdElemAddr: Op_LdElemAddr] - Loads an address of array element
referenced by ''array'' and ''index'' parameters 
+  * [:Jitrino_OPT/opcodes/TauLdVTableAddr: Op_TauLdVTableAddr] - Returns an address of VTable
structure for the provided ''base'' operand of object type.
   * [:Jitrino_OPT/opcodes/TauLdIntfcVTableAddr: Op_TauLdIntfcVTableAddr]
   * [:Jitrino_OPT/opcodes/TauLdVirtFunAddr: Op_TauLdVirtFunAddr]    

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