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From Apache Wiki <wikidi...@apache.org>
Subject [Harmony Wiki] Update of "DRLVM Development Tasks" by Vladimir Beliaev
Date Wed, 14 May 2008 13:27:05 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by Vladimir Beliaev:

The comment on the change is:
added tasks #17 & #18

  '''''Task:''''' Add I18N support for exception messages in DRLVM.
+ === 17. Add Java6 support in DRLVM ===
+ '''''Problem:''''' Java6 support is incompleted in DRLVM.
+ '''''Task:''''' Java6 support is incompleted in DRLVM. This includes the following (with
+  1. Reflection – changes are trivial, could be done quickly. Will be required for correct
Java 6 classlib, so P1.
+  2. Management (ThreadMXBean) – according to Andrey Yakushev’s estimation it is 1-2
WW. P3
+  3. JVMTI
+   * ForceEarlyReturn – seems to be the most useful new feature for debugging, so P2
+   * AddToSystemClassLoaderSearch event – might be used in debugging as well, P3
+   * GetOwnedMonitorStackDepthInfo – might be used in debugging for analyzing dead locks,
+   * RetranformClasses functionality – needed for instrumentation support, depends on implemented
RedefineClasses from Java 5. P4
+   * Enhanced heap iteration API – according to Chris no one uses even the first version
of heap iteration API yes, so P4
+   * Implement dynamic attach of debugger/profiler. Sun doesn’t open the protocol for it
and spec is not clear. P4
+   * ResourceExhausted event – P5
+  4. Instrumentation – seems to depend on JVMTI implementation of RetransformClasses and
other functionality for class redefinition, also Java code should be written in classlib.
I don’t know applications that use this functionality, so P4
+ === 18. Implement HYTHR_0.2 interface in DRLVM’s HyThread ===
+ '''''Problem:''''' If HYTHR_0.2 interface is implemented in both DRLVM and J9 VM then one
has the following benefits:
+  * copying DRLVM’s HyThread library from bin/default/ to bin/ will be not needed anymore
+  * ‘hy.no.thr’ mode of Classlib build will become default, so classlib’s HyThread
will disapper; both VMs will have their own HyThreads in bin/default/
+  * the above will simplify switching between DRLVM and J9
+ '''''Task:''''' Implement HYTHR_0.2 interface in DRLVM’s HyThread to support HARMONY-3090
changes (affects modularity)
  == The task from old list which required clarification ==
  '''* Garbage Collection'''

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