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From nom...@intel.com
Subject [build-test alert] PASSED Linux x86: classlib debug
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2008 21:45:13 GMT


Date of build:	2008-06-12 04:38:52 +0700
Time to build:	6 minutes 2 seconds
Last changed:	06/12/2008 04:12:53
Last log entry:	Remove unused variable.
Use err variable from function scope rather than declare a new one.

Errors/Warnings:	(33)
[cc-ant]: Test Suite 'classlib' execution. Repository updated: true
[cc-ant]: Result: failed.superiors = '${failed.superiors}'
[cc-ant]: Do cleanup for /export/users/cc/cc-short/build/checkouts/classlib
Checking depends/jars/yoko-1.0-SNAPSHOT-20080304/yoko.jar
Checksum verified (true)
Checking depends/jars/yoko-1.0-SNAPSHOT-20080304/yoko-core.jar
Checksum verified (true)
Checking depends/jars/yoko-1.0-SNAPSHOT-20080304/yoko-rmi-impl.jar
Checksum verified (true)
Checking depends/jars/yoko-1.0-SNAPSHOT-20080304/yoko-rmi-spec.jar
Checksum verified (true)
Checking depends/jars/bcel-5.2/bcel-5.2.jar
Checksum verified (true)
Checking depends/jars/xalan-j_2.7.0/xalan.jar
Checksum verified (true)
Checking depends/jars/xerces_2.9.1/xerces.zip
Checksum verified (true)
Checking depends/jars/junit_4.4/junit.jar
Checksum verified (true)
Checking depends/jars/bcprov-jdk15-139/bcprov.noidea.jar
Checksum verified (true)
Checking depends/jars/mx4j_3.0.2/mx4j.zip
Checksum verified (true)
Checking depends/jars/jetty/jetty-6.0.0.jar
Checksum verified (true)
Checking depends/jars/jetty/jetty-util-6.0.0.jar
Checksum verified (true)
Checking depends/jars/jetty/servlet-api-2.5-6.0.0.jar
Checksum verified (true)
Checking depends/dejavu-fonts/dejavu-ttf-2.18-1.zip
Checksum verified (true)
Checking depends/jars/derby-
Checksum verified (true)

Unit Tests: (0)
No Tests Run: This project doesn't have any tests

Modifications since last successful build:	(4)
modified hindessm  /harmony/enhanced/classlib/trunk/modules/portlib/src/main/native/port/unix/hysock.c
06/12/2008 04:12:53 Remove unused variable.Use err variable from function scope rather than
declare a new one.
modified hindessm  /harmony/enhanced/classlib/trunk/modules/luni/src/main/native/luni/shared/bigint.c
06/12/2008 04:10:12 Remove block-local variable when there is already a suitable variabledefined
in the function scope.
modified hindessm  /harmony/enhanced/classlib/trunk/modules/instrument/src/main/native/instrument/shared/inst_agt.c
06/12/2008 04:08:56 Here we override the err (jint/jni) error variable with an identicallynamed
jvmtiError variable which is then used for a jni error code.  Thisseems confusing so let's
make the jvmtiError variable have a differentname.
modified hindessm  /harmony/enhanced/classlib/trunk/modules/portlib/src/main/native/port/unix/hyshmem.c
06/12/2008 03:12:24 Remove unused variable.

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