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From nom...@intel.com
Subject [build-test alert] BUILD FAILED Windows 2003 x86: egax48
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2007 10:21:16 GMT
	Ant Error Message:
C:\cc\cc-EGAx48\scripts\cc-exec-adaptor.xml:101: The following error occurred while executing
this line: C:\cc\cc-EGAx48\adaptors\ega\adaptor.xml:58: EGA scenario failed.

Date of build:	08/22/2007 16:57:17
Time to build:	23 minutes 51 seconds
Last changed:	08/22/2007 16:55:42
Last log entry:	snapshot

Errors/Warnings:	(212)
[exec] Result: 1
[echo] ========================== EGA.log =======================
[echo] --- Automated Eclipse EGA scenario for Eclipse 3.2.1 ---
[echo] Eclipse Home = C:\cc\cc-EGAx48/build/libs/eclipse-3.2.1-win-x86/eclipse
[echo] Tested JRE Home = C:\cc\cc-EGAx48/build/checkouts/snapshot/hdk/jdk
[echo] Tested JRE options for Eclipse launching = -showversion -Xmx600M -Xms512M
[echo] Time frame for the scenario run = 48 hours
[echo] Delay factor = 2
[echo] Kill Eclipse if EGA scenario fails = 1
[echo] Start:
[echo] 	Run Eclipse
[echo] 	wait Eclipse 'Workspace Launcher' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Select C:\cc\cc-EGAx48\tests\ega\workspace as workspace
[echo] 	Press OK button
[echo] 	Closing window 'Workspace Launcher'
[echo] 	wait 'Java - Eclipse SDK' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] Prepare Eclipse environment:
[echo] 	Close Welcome page
[echo] 	Uncheck Project->Build Automatically
[echo] 	Select Window->Preferences
[echo] 	wait 'Preferences' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Select Java->Build Path->Classpath Variables
[echo] 	Create M2_REPO variable
[echo] 	wait 'New Variable Entry' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Set M2_REPO value to C:\cc\cc-EGAx48\tests\ega\project\.m2\repository
[echo] 	Press OK button
[echo] 	Closing window 'New Variable Entry'
[echo] 	Press OK button to apply new preferences
[echo] 	Closing window 'Preferences'
[echo] Import Geronimo modules into workspace:
[echo] 	Select File->Import...
[echo] 	wait 'Import' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Select import existing project
[echo] 	Type path to search projects: C:\cc\cc-EGAx48\tests\ega\project\geronimo-1.2-beta\modules
[echo] 	Uncheck all builders
[echo] 	Import
[echo] 	Closing window 'Import'
[echo] Import testsupport module into workspace:
[echo] 	Select File->Import...
[echo] 	wait 'Import' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Select import existing project
[echo] 	Type path to search projects: C:\cc\cc-EGAx48\tests\ega\project\geronimo-1.2-beta\testsupport
[echo] 	Import
[echo] 	Closing window 'Import'
[echo] 	Check import result
[echo] Start repeatable part:
[echo] -------------------- Iteration 1 start ------------------
[echo] Clean all Geronimo modules:
[echo] 	Select Project->Clean...
[echo] 	wait 'Clean' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Uncheck start build immediately
[echo] 	Clean
[echo] 	Window 'Cleaning selected projects' appeared
[echo] 	Closing window 'Cleaning selected projects'
[echo] 	Check clean result
[echo] Build all Geronimo modules:
[echo] 	Select Project->Build All
[echo] 	wait 'Building Workspace' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Closing window 'Building Workspace'
[echo] 	Check build result
[echo] Open Navigator view:
[echo] Fix org.apache.geronimo.common.propertyeditor.PropertyEditorsTest:
[echo] 	Select 'Navigate->Open Resource'
[echo] 	wait 'Open Resource' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Type PropertyEditorsTest.java into 'Open Resource' dialog
[echo] 	Closing window 'Open Resource'
[echo] 	wait 'Java - PropertyEditorsTest.java - Eclipse SDK' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Go to line 'protected void setUp() throws Exception {'
[echo] 	wait for window 'Go to Line' to appear,
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Closing window 'Go to Line'
[echo] 	Add line Class.forName("org.apache.geronimo.common.propertyeditor.PropertyEditors");
to setUp() method
[echo] 	Save PropertyEditorsTest.java
[echo] 	Close PropertyEditorsTest.java
[echo] 	Closing window 'Java - PropertyEditorsTest.java - Eclipse SDK'
[echo] Run JUnit tests from geronimo-common module:
[echo] 	Select geronimo-common module
[echo] 	Select Run->Run...
[echo] 	wait 'Run' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Create new JUnit run configuration
[echo] 	Run
[echo] 	Closing window 'Run'
[echo] 	Check run result
[echo] Modify GBeanData class from geronimo-kernel module:
[echo] 	Select geronimo-kernel module
[echo] 	Select Navigate->Go Into
[echo] 	Open GBeanData.java
[echo] 	wait 'Java - GBeanData.java - Eclipse SDK' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Select Edit->Find/Replace...
[echo] 	wait 'Find/Replace' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Find getAbstractName() method
[echo] 	Closing window 'Find/Replace'
[echo] 	Add System.out.println("Method getAbstractName() was called!");
[echo] 	Save GBeanData.java
[echo] Create JUnit test:
[echo] 	Open geronimo-kernel/src/test/java/org/apache/geronimo/gbean folder
[echo] 	Select File->New->JUnit Test Case
[echo] 	wait 'New JUnit Test Case' window to appear
[echo] 	Enter SimpleGBeanDataTest as test name
[echo] 	Enter org.apache.geronimo.gbean.GBeanData as class under test
[echo] 	Press Next button
[echo] 	Enter getAbstractName() as method under test
[echo] 	Press Finish button
[echo] 	Closing window 'New JUnit Test Case'
[echo] 	Find string fail("Not yet implemented");,
[echo] 	Delete string fail("Not yet implemented");,
[echo] 	Add string System.out.println(new GBeanData().getAbstractName());,
[echo] 	Save SimpleGBeanDataTest.java
[echo] 	Close SimpleGBeanDataTest.java
[echo] 	Closing window 'Java - SimpleGBeanDataTest.java - Eclipse SDK'
[echo] Build geronimo-kernel module:
[echo] 	Select Project->Build Project
[echo] 	Check build result
[echo] Run SimpleGBeanDataTest:
[echo] 	Select Run->Run As->JUnit Test
[echo] 	Check GBeanTest run result
[echo] Set breakpoint in GBeanData.java:
[echo] 	Go to line System.out.println("Method getAbstractName() was called!");
[echo] 	wait for window 'Go to Line' to appear,
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Closing window 'Go to Line'
[echo] 	Set breakpoint at line 75 System.out.println("Method getAbstractName() was called!");
[echo] Debug:
[echo] 	Select Run->Debug...
[echo] 	wait 'Debug' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Select GBeanTest run configuration
[echo] 	Press Debug button
[echo] 	wait 'Confirm Perspective Switch' window to appear
[echo] 	WARNING! Window 'Confirm Perspective Switch' didn't appear during 60c. Add extra delay
for 120c.
[echo] 	ERROR! Window 'Confirm Perspective Switch' didn't appear during additional 120c. STOP.
[echo] An ERROR has ocurred!
[echo] Print error screen:
[echo] 	Open mspaint to save errror screen
[echo] 	Wait for 'error - Paint' window
[echo] 	Save error screen
[echo] 	Exit mspaint
[echo] 	Switch to Eclipse
[echo] Exit Eclipse:
[echo] 	Menu "Java - GBeanData.java - Eclipse SDK->File->Exit" wasn't found
[echo] 	Can't exit Eclipse! Trying to kill ...
[echo] 	Eclipse window was found and killed
[echo] 	Eclipse was found and closed.
[echo] EGA FAILED!
[echo] ======================= eclipse.log =======================
[echo] Apache Harmony Launcher : (c) Copyright 1991, 2006 The Apache Software Foundation or
its licensors, as applicable.
[echo] java version "1.5.0"
[echo] pre-alpha : not complete or compatible
[echo] svn = r567890, (Aug 21 2007), Windows/ia32/msvc 1310, release build
[echo] http://harmony.apache.org
[echo] Install location:
[echo]     file:/C:/cc/cc-EGAx48/build/libs/eclipse-3.2.1-win-x86/eclipse/
[echo] Configuration file:
[echo]     file:/C:/cc/cc-EGAx48/build/libs/eclipse-3.2.1-win-x86/eclipse/configuration/config.ini
[echo] Configuration location:
[echo]     file:/C:/cc/cc-EGAx48/build/libs/eclipse-3.2.1-win-x86/eclipse/configuration/
[echo] Framework located:
[echo]     file:/C:/cc/cc-EGAx48/build/libs/eclipse-3.2.1-win-x86/eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.osgi_3.2.1.R32x_v20060919.jar
[echo] Framework classpath:
[echo]     file:/C:/cc/cc-EGAx48/build/libs/eclipse-3.2.1-win-x86/eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.osgi_3.2.1.R32x_v20060919.jar
[echo] Debug options:
[echo]     file:/C:/cc/cc-EGAx48/tests/ega/.options not found
[echo] Time to load bundles: 234
[echo] Starting application: 10031
[echo] Application Started: 25670
[echo] ===========================================================
C:\cc\cc-EGAx48\tests\ega\build.xml:464: EGA FAILED!
Total time: 23 minutes 49 seconds
The execution FAILED with the following exception:
The following error occurred while executing this line:
C:\cc\cc-EGAx48\adaptors\ega\adaptor.xml:58: EGA scenario failed.

Unit Tests: (0)
No Tests Run: This project doesn't have any tests

Modifications since last successful build:	(5)
add cc-snapshot log20070822165542Lbuild.9 08/22/2007 16:55:42snapshot
add cc-snapshot log20070815120437Lbuild.8 08/15/2007 12:04:37snapshot
add cc-snapshot log20070730185925Lbuild.7 07/30/2007 18:59:25snapshot
add cc-snapshot log20070724163146Lbuild.6 07/24/2007 16:31:46snapshot
add cc-snapshot log20070719184058Lbuild.5 07/19/2007 18:40:58snapshot

begin 644 execution_log.zip
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;+FAT;6Q02P4&      $  0!     C L      

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