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From nom...@intel.com
Subject [build-test alert] BUILD FAILED Windows 2003 x86: egax48
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2007 12:23:26 GMT
	Ant Error Message:
C:\cc\cc-EGAx48\scripts\cc-exec-adaptor.xml:101: The following error occurred while executing
this line: C:\cc\cc-EGAx48\adaptors\ega\adaptor.xml:58: EGA scenario failed.

Date of build:	07/30/2007 18:59:55
Time to build:	23 minutes 24 seconds
Last changed:	07/30/2007 18:59:25
Last log entry:	snapshot

Errors/Warnings:	(214)
[exec] Result: 1
[echo] ========================== EGA.log =======================
[echo] --- Automated Eclipse EGA scenario for Eclipse 3.2.1 ---
[echo] Eclipse Home = C:\cc\cc-EGAx48/build/libs/eclipse-3.2.1-win-x86/eclipse
[echo] Tested JRE Home = C:\cc\cc-EGAx48/build/checkouts/snapshot/hdk/jdk
[echo] Tested JRE options for Eclipse launching = -showversion -Xmx600M -Xms512M
[echo] Time frame for the scenario run = 48 hours
[echo] Delay factor = 2
[echo] Kill Eclipse if EGA scenario fails = 1
[echo] Start:
[echo] 	Run Eclipse
[echo] 	wait Eclipse 'Workspace Launcher' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Select C:\cc\cc-EGAx48\tests\ega\workspace as workspace
[echo] 	Press OK button
[echo] 	Closing window 'Workspace Launcher'
[echo] 	wait 'Java - Eclipse SDK' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] Prepare Eclipse environment:
[echo] 	Close Welcome page
[echo] 	Uncheck Project->Build Automatically
[echo] 	Select Window->Preferences
[echo] 	wait 'Preferences' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Select Java->Build Path->Classpath Variables
[echo] 	Create M2_REPO variable
[echo] 	wait 'New Variable Entry' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Set M2_REPO value to C:\cc\cc-EGAx48\tests\ega\project\.m2\repository
[echo] 	Press OK button
[echo] 	Closing window 'New Variable Entry'
[echo] 	Press OK button to apply new preferences
[echo] 	Closing window 'Preferences'
[echo] Import Geronimo modules into workspace:
[echo] 	Select File->Import...
[echo] 	wait 'Import' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Select import existing project
[echo] 	Type path to search projects: C:\cc\cc-EGAx48\tests\ega\project\geronimo-1.2-beta\modules
[echo] 	Uncheck all builders
[echo] 	Import
[echo] 	Closing window 'Import'
[echo] Import testsupport module into workspace:
[echo] 	Select File->Import...
[echo] 	wait 'Import' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Select import existing project
[echo] 	Type path to search projects: C:\cc\cc-EGAx48\tests\ega\project\geronimo-1.2-beta\testsupport
[echo] 	Import
[echo] 	Closing window 'Import'
[echo] 	Check import result
[echo] Start repeatable part:
[echo] -------------------- Iteration 1 start ------------------
[echo] Clean all Geronimo modules:
[echo] 	Select Project->Clean...
[echo] 	wait 'Clean' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Uncheck start build immediately
[echo] 	Clean
[echo] 	Window 'Cleaning selected projects' appeared
[echo] 	Closing window 'Cleaning selected projects'
[echo] 	Check clean result
[echo] Build all Geronimo modules:
[echo] 	Select Project->Build All
[echo] 	wait 'Building Workspace' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Closing window 'Building Workspace'
[echo] 	Check build result
[echo] Open Navigator view:
[echo] Fix org.apache.geronimo.common.propertyeditor.PropertyEditorsTest:
[echo] 	Select 'Navigate->Open Resource'
[echo] 	wait 'Open Resource' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Type PropertyEditorsTest.java into 'Open Resource' dialog
[echo] 	Closing window 'Open Resource'
[echo] 	wait 'Java - PropertyEditorsTest.java - Eclipse SDK' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Go to line 'protected void setUp() throws Exception {'
[echo] 	wait for window 'Go to Line' to appear,
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Closing window 'Go to Line'
[echo] 	Add line Class.forName("org.apache.geronimo.common.propertyeditor.PropertyEditors");
to setUp() method
[echo] 	Save PropertyEditorsTest.java
[echo] 	Close PropertyEditorsTest.java
[echo] 	Closing window 'Java - PropertyEditorsTest.java - Eclipse SDK'
[echo] Run JUnit tests from geronimo-common module:
[echo] 	Select geronimo-common module
[echo] 	Select Run->Run...
[echo] 	wait 'Run' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Create new JUnit run configuration
[echo] 	Run
[echo] 	Closing window 'Run'
[echo] 	Check run result
[echo] Modify GBeanData class from geronimo-kernel module:
[echo] 	Select geronimo-kernel module
[echo] 	Select Navigate->Go Into
[echo] 	Open GBeanData.java
[echo] 	wait 'Java - GBeanData.java - Eclipse SDK' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Select Edit->Find/Replace...
[echo] 	wait 'Find/Replace' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Find getAbstractName() method
[echo] 	Closing window 'Find/Replace'
[echo] 	Add System.out.println("Method getAbstractName() was called!");
[echo] 	Save GBeanData.java
[echo] Create JUnit test:
[echo] 	Open geronimo-kernel/src/test/java/org/apache/geronimo/gbean folder
[echo] 	Select File->New->JUnit Test Case
[echo] 	wait 'New JUnit Test Case' window to appear
[echo] 	Enter SimpleGBeanDataTest as test name
[echo] 	Enter org.apache.geronimo.gbean.GBeanData as class under test
[echo] 	Press Next button
[echo] 	Enter getAbstractName() as method under test
[echo] 	Press Finish button
[echo] 	Closing window 'New JUnit Test Case'
[echo] 	Find string fail("Not yet implemented");,
[echo] 	Delete string fail("Not yet implemented");,
[echo] 	Add string System.out.println(new GBeanData().getAbstractName());,
[echo] 	Save SimpleGBeanDataTest.java
[echo] 	Close SimpleGBeanDataTest.java
[echo] 	Closing window 'Java - SimpleGBeanDataTest.java - Eclipse SDK'
[echo] Build geronimo-kernel module:
[echo] 	Select Project->Build Project
[echo] 	Check build result
[echo] Run SimpleGBeanDataTest:
[echo] 	Select Run->Run As->JUnit Test
[echo] 	Check GBeanTest run result
[echo] Set breakpoint in GBeanData.java:
[echo] 	Go to line System.out.println("Method getAbstractName() was called!");
[echo] 	wait for window 'Go to Line' to appear,
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Closing window 'Go to Line'
[echo] 	Set breakpoint at line 75 System.out.println("Method getAbstractName() was called!");
[echo] Debug:
[echo] 	Select Run->Debug...
[echo] 	wait 'Debug' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Select GBeanTest run configuration
[echo] 	Press Debug button
[echo] 	wait 'Confirm Perspective Switch' window to appear
[echo] 	WARNING! Window 'Confirm Perspective Switch' didn't appear during 60c. Add extra delay
for 120c.
[echo] 	ERROR! Window 'Confirm Perspective Switch' didn't appear during additional 120c. STOP.
[echo] An ERROR has ocurred!
[echo] Print error screen:
[echo] 	Open mspaint to save errror screen
[echo] 	Wait for 'error - Paint' window
[echo] 	Save error screen
[echo] 	Exit mspaint
[echo] 	Switch to Eclipse
[echo] Exit Eclipse:
[echo] 	Menu "Java - GBeanData.java - Eclipse SDK->File->Exit" wasn't found
[echo] 	Can't exit Eclipse! Trying to kill ...
[echo] 	Eclipse window was found and killed
[echo] 	Eclipse was found and closed.
[echo] EGA FAILED!
[echo] ======================= eclipse.log =======================
[echo] Apache Harmony Launcher : (c) Copyright 1991, 2006 The Apache Software Foundation or
its licensors, as applicable.
[echo] java version "1.5.0"
[echo] pre-alpha : not complete or compatible
[echo] svn = r560888, (Jul 30 2007), Windows/ia32/msvc 1310, release build
[echo] http://harmony.apache.org
[echo] Install location:
[echo]     file:/C:/cc/cc-EGAx48/build/libs/eclipse-3.2.1-win-x86/eclipse/
[echo] Configuration file:
[echo]     file:/C:/cc/cc-EGAx48/build/libs/eclipse-3.2.1-win-x86/eclipse/configuration/config.ini
[echo] Configuration location:
[echo]     file:/C:/cc/cc-EGAx48/build/libs/eclipse-3.2.1-win-x86/eclipse/configuration/
[echo] Framework located:
[echo]     file:/C:/cc/cc-EGAx48/build/libs/eclipse-3.2.1-win-x86/eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.osgi_3.2.1.R32x_v20060919.jar
[echo] Framework classpath:
[echo]     file:/C:/cc/cc-EGAx48/build/libs/eclipse-3.2.1-win-x86/eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.osgi_3.2.1.R32x_v20060919.jar
[echo] Debug options:
[echo]     file:/C:/cc/cc-EGAx48/tests/ega/.options not found
[echo] The GC did not provide gc_add_weak_root_set_entry()
[echo] Time to load bundles: 157
[echo] Starting application: 10655
[echo] Application Started: 26186
[echo] ===========================================================
C:\cc\cc-EGAx48\tests\ega\build.xml:464: EGA FAILED!
Total time: 23 minutes 23 seconds
The execution FAILED with the following exception:
The following error occurred while executing this line:
C:\cc\cc-EGAx48\adaptors\ega\adaptor.xml:58: EGA scenario failed.

Unit Tests: (0)
No Tests Run: This project doesn't have any tests

Modifications since last successful build:	(3)
add cc-snapshot log20070730185925Lbuild.7 07/30/2007 18:59:25snapshot
add cc-snapshot log20070724163146Lbuild.6 07/24/2007 16:31:46snapshot
add cc-snapshot log20070719184058Lbuild.5 07/19/2007 18:40:58snapshot

begin 644 execution_log.zip
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7;%!+!08      0 ! $    "U"P     ! 

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