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From nom...@intel.com
Subject [build-test alert] BUILD FAILED Windows 2003 x86: egax48
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2007 12:05:22 GMT
	Ant Error Message:
C:\cc\cc-EGAx48\scripts\cc-exec-adaptor.xml:101: The following error occurred while executing
this line: C:\cc\cc-EGAx48\adaptors\ega\adaptor.xml:58: EGA scenario failed.

Date of build:	07/19/2007 18:41:28
Time to build:	23 minutes 47 seconds
Last changed:	07/19/2007 18:40:58
Last log entry:	snapshot

Errors/Warnings:	(214)
[exec] Result: 1
[echo] ========================== EGA.log =======================
[echo] --- Automated Eclipse EGA scenario for Eclipse 3.2.1 ---
[echo] Eclipse Home = C:\cc\cc-EGAx48/build/libs/eclipse-3.2.1-win-x86/eclipse
[echo] Tested JRE Home = C:\cc\cc-EGAx48/build/checkouts/snapshot/hdk/jdk
[echo] Tested JRE options for Eclipse launching = -showversion -Xmx600M -Xms512M
[echo] Time frame for the scenario run = 48 hours
[echo] Delay factor = 2
[echo] Kill Eclipse if EGA scenario fails = 1
[echo] Start:
[echo] 	Run Eclipse
[echo] 	wait Eclipse 'Workspace Launcher' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Select C:\cc\cc-EGAx48\tests\ega\workspace as workspace
[echo] 	Press OK button
[echo] 	Closing window 'Workspace Launcher'
[echo] 	wait 'Java - Eclipse SDK' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] Prepare Eclipse environment:
[echo] 	Close Welcome page
[echo] 	Uncheck Project->Build Automatically
[echo] 	Select Window->Preferences
[echo] 	wait 'Preferences' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Select Java->Build Path->Classpath Variables
[echo] 	Create M2_REPO variable
[echo] 	wait 'New Variable Entry' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Set M2_REPO value to C:\cc\cc-EGAx48\tests\ega\project\.m2\repository
[echo] 	Press OK button
[echo] 	Closing window 'New Variable Entry'
[echo] 	Press OK button to apply new preferences
[echo] 	Closing window 'Preferences'
[echo] Import Geronimo modules into workspace:
[echo] 	Select File->Import...
[echo] 	wait 'Import' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Select import existing project
[echo] 	Type path to search projects: C:\cc\cc-EGAx48\tests\ega\project\geronimo-1.2-beta\modules
[echo] 	Uncheck all builders
[echo] 	Import
[echo] 	Closing window 'Import'
[echo] Import testsupport module into workspace:
[echo] 	Select File->Import...
[echo] 	wait 'Import' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Select import existing project
[echo] 	Type path to search projects: C:\cc\cc-EGAx48\tests\ega\project\geronimo-1.2-beta\testsupport
[echo] 	Import
[echo] 	Closing window 'Import'
[echo] 	Check import result
[echo] Start repeatable part:
[echo] -------------------- Iteration 1 start ------------------
[echo] Clean all Geronimo modules:
[echo] 	Select Project->Clean...
[echo] 	wait 'Clean' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Uncheck start build immediately
[echo] 	Clean
[echo] 	Window 'Cleaning selected projects' appeared
[echo] 	Closing window 'Cleaning selected projects'
[echo] 	Check clean result
[echo] Build all Geronimo modules:
[echo] 	Select Project->Build All
[echo] 	wait 'Building Workspace' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Closing window 'Building Workspace'
[echo] 	Check build result
[echo] Open Navigator view:
[echo] Fix org.apache.geronimo.common.propertyeditor.PropertyEditorsTest:
[echo] 	Select 'Navigate->Open Resource'
[echo] 	wait 'Open Resource' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Type PropertyEditorsTest.java into 'Open Resource' dialog
[echo] 	Closing window 'Open Resource'
[echo] 	wait 'Java - PropertyEditorsTest.java - Eclipse SDK' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Go to line 'protected void setUp() throws Exception {'
[echo] 	wait for window 'Go to Line' to appear,
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Closing window 'Go to Line'
[echo] 	Add line Class.forName("org.apache.geronimo.common.propertyeditor.PropertyEditors");
to setUp() method
[echo] 	Save PropertyEditorsTest.java
[echo] 	Close PropertyEditorsTest.java
[echo] 	Closing window 'Java - PropertyEditorsTest.java - Eclipse SDK'
[echo] Run JUnit tests from geronimo-common module:
[echo] 	Select geronimo-common module
[echo] 	Select Run->Run...
[echo] 	wait 'Run' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Create new JUnit run configuration
[echo] 	Run
[echo] 	Closing window 'Run'
[echo] 	Check run result
[echo] Modify GBeanData class from geronimo-kernel module:
[echo] 	Select geronimo-kernel module
[echo] 	Select Navigate->Go Into
[echo] 	Open GBeanData.java
[echo] 	wait 'Java - GBeanData.java - Eclipse SDK' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Select Edit->Find/Replace...
[echo] 	wait 'Find/Replace' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Find getAbstractName() method
[echo] 	Closing window 'Find/Replace'
[echo] 	Add System.out.println("Method getAbstractName() was called!");
[echo] 	Save GBeanData.java
[echo] Create JUnit test:
[echo] 	Open geronimo-kernel/src/test/java/org/apache/geronimo/gbean folder
[echo] 	Select File->New->JUnit Test Case
[echo] 	wait 'New JUnit Test Case' window to appear
[echo] 	Enter SimpleGBeanDataTest as test name
[echo] 	Enter org.apache.geronimo.gbean.GBeanData as class under test
[echo] 	Press Next button
[echo] 	Enter getAbstractName() as method under test
[echo] 	Press Finish button
[echo] 	Closing window 'New JUnit Test Case'
[echo] 	Find string fail("Not yet implemented");,
[echo] 	Delete string fail("Not yet implemented");,
[echo] 	Add string System.out.println(new GBeanData().getAbstractName());,
[echo] 	Save SimpleGBeanDataTest.java
[echo] 	Close SimpleGBeanDataTest.java
[echo] 	Closing window 'Java - SimpleGBeanDataTest.java - Eclipse SDK'
[echo] Build geronimo-kernel module:
[echo] 	Select Project->Build Project
[echo] 	Check build result
[echo] Run SimpleGBeanDataTest:
[echo] 	Select Run->Run As->JUnit Test
[echo] 	Check GBeanTest run result
[echo] Set breakpoint in GBeanData.java:
[echo] 	Go to line System.out.println("Method getAbstractName() was called!");
[echo] 	wait for window 'Go to Line' to appear,
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Closing window 'Go to Line'
[echo] 	Set breakpoint at line 75 System.out.println("Method getAbstractName() was called!");
[echo] Debug:
[echo] 	Select Run->Debug...
[echo] 	wait 'Debug' window to appear
[echo] 	window appeared
[echo] 	Select GBeanTest run configuration
[echo] 	Press Debug button
[echo] 	wait 'Confirm Perspective Switch' window to appear
[echo] 	WARNING! Window 'Confirm Perspective Switch' didn't appear during 60c. Add extra delay
for 120c.
[echo] 	ERROR! Window 'Confirm Perspective Switch' didn't appear during additional 120c. STOP.
[echo] An ERROR has ocurred!
[echo] Print error screen:
[echo] 	Open mspaint to save errror screen
[echo] 	Wait for 'error - Paint' window
[echo] 	Save error screen
[echo] 	Exit mspaint
[echo] 	Switch to Eclipse
[echo] Exit Eclipse:
[echo] 	Menu "Java - GBeanData.java - Eclipse SDK->File->Exit" wasn't found
[echo] 	Can't exit Eclipse! Trying to kill ...
[echo] 	Eclipse window was found and killed
[echo] 	Eclipse was found and closed.
[echo] EGA FAILED!
[echo] ======================= eclipse.log =======================
[echo] Apache Harmony Launcher : (c) Copyright 1991, 2006 The Apache Software Foundation or
its licensors, as applicable.
[echo] java version "1.5.0"
[echo] pre-alpha : not complete or compatible
[echo] svn = r557495, (Jul 19 2007), Windows/ia32/msvc 1310, release build
[echo] http://harmony.apache.org
[echo] Install location:
[echo]     file:/C:/cc/cc-EGAx48/build/libs/eclipse-3.2.1-win-x86/eclipse/
[echo] Configuration file:
[echo]     file:/C:/cc/cc-EGAx48/build/libs/eclipse-3.2.1-win-x86/eclipse/configuration/config.ini
[echo] Configuration location:
[echo]     file:/C:/cc/cc-EGAx48/build/libs/eclipse-3.2.1-win-x86/eclipse/configuration/
[echo] Framework located:
[echo]     file:/C:/cc/cc-EGAx48/build/libs/eclipse-3.2.1-win-x86/eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.osgi_3.2.1.R32x_v20060919.jar
[echo] Framework classpath:
[echo]     file:/C:/cc/cc-EGAx48/build/libs/eclipse-3.2.1-win-x86/eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.osgi_3.2.1.R32x_v20060919.jar
[echo] Debug options:
[echo]     file:/C:/cc/cc-EGAx48/tests/ega/.options not found
[echo] The GC did not provide gc_add_weak_root_set_entry()
[echo] Time to load bundles: 219
[echo] Starting application: 10187
[echo] Application Started: 25186
[echo] ===========================================================
C:\cc\cc-EGAx48\tests\ega\build.xml:464: EGA FAILED!
Total time: 23 minutes 45 seconds
The execution FAILED with the following exception:
The following error occurred while executing this line:
C:\cc\cc-EGAx48\adaptors\ega\adaptor.xml:58: EGA scenario failed.

Unit Tests: (0)
No Tests Run: This project doesn't have any tests

Modifications since last successful build:	(1)
add cc-snapshot log20070719184058Lbuild.5 07/19/2007 18:40:58snapshot

begin 644 execution_log.zip
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::'1M;%!+!08      0 ! $    "X"P     ! 

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