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From nbe...@kc.rr.com
Subject [build-test alert] BUILD FAILED Windows XP x86: drlvm-test
Date Tue, 15 May 2007 05:37:49 GMT
	Ant Error Message:
C:\harmony\buildtest2\scripts\cc-project.xml:44: The following error occurred while executing
this line: C:\harmony\buildtest2\adaptors\drlvm-test\adaptor.xml:75: There were drlvm-test

Date of build:	05/15/2007 00:37:41
Time to build:	3 seconds

Errors/Warnings:	(14)
C:\harmony\buildtest2\build\checkouts\drlvm\build\make\build.xml:320: The following error
occurred while executing this line:
C:\harmony\buildtest2\build\checkouts\drlvm\build\make\setup.xml:313: Error:
* External resources are not downloaded.
* Please, execute "build update" before actual building or testing.
* For example:
*     c:\build> build.bat update
*     c:\build> build.bat
* See README for details.
Total time: 1 second
Warning: skipping zip archive C:\harmony\buildtest2\build\results\drlvm-test_20070515_0037.zip
because no files were included.

Unit Tests: (0)
No Tests Run: This project doesn't have any tests

Modifications since last successful build:	(0)

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