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From ge...@apache.org
Subject [build-test alert] BUILD FAILED lnx gcc debug: drlvm
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2007 16:36:01 GMT
	Ant Error Message:
error string found

Date of build:	03/15/2007 10:49:16
Time to build:	106 minute(s) 38 second(s)
Last changed:	03/15/2007 10:01:22
Last log entry:	drlvm

Errors/Warnings:	(1)

Unit Tests: (1774)
All Tests Passed

Modifications since last successful build:	(3)
add cc-drlvm log20070315100122Lbuild.184 03/15/2007 10:01:22drlvm
modified gshimansky  /harmony/enhanced/drlvm/trunk/vm/vmcore/src/class_support/method_lookup.cpp
03/15/2007 09:37:35 Apply the fix for HARMONY-3376 [drlvm][winx64] debug drlvm returns 128
when running from any shellThe problem appears to be in recursive exception handler invocation.
When VM shutdowns it frees and zeroes a pointer to vm_methods table which contains all compiled
java methods information. This table is used by exception handler to determine whether an
exception has occurred in java code or in any other code.So after VM zeroed a pointer to vm_methods,
when exception handler tried to determine where an exception has occurred, it got another
exception because it used an incorrect pointer. This lead to an infinite recursion of exception
handler and eventual process termination with an error code 128.The reason why exception handler
was called after VM shutdown seems to be the MSVC runtime. Somewhere after main function of
the java.exe launcher has finished, MSVC run
 generated an exception with code 0x406D1388. This exception happens both on windows x86 and
x86_64 if the program is compiled with MSVC 2005 and linked with msvcr80.dll.The fix to this
problem is that if the pointer to vm_method table is zero, no lookup should be performed in
it. If this pointer is zero, then it means that exception didn't occur in java because java
cannot be executed in such condition.
modified varlax  /harmony/enhanced/drlvm/trunk/vm/vmcore/src/kernel_classes/javasrc/java/lang/ClassLoader.java
03/15/2007 09:01:00 Fixed HARMONY-3368 [drlvm][kernel] Unnecessary NPE creation and catching
in ClassLoader.getResourceAsStream(String)

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