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From nom...@intel.com
Subject [build-test alert] BUILD FAILED Windows XP SP2 msvc debug: drlvm tests
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2007 19:49:17 GMT
	Ant Error Message:
C:\cruise\trunk\cc\projects\drlvm\trunk\build\make\build.xml:373: The following error occurred
while executing this line: C:\cruise\trunk\cc\projects\drlvm\trunk\build\make\build_component.xml:72:
The following error occurred while executing this line: C:\cruise\trunk\cc\projects\drlvm\trunk\build\win_ia32_msvc_debug\semis\build\targets\jvmti.test.xml:42:
The following error occurred while executing this line: C:\cruise\trunk\cc\projects\drlvm\trunk\build\win_ia32_msvc_debug\semis\build\targets\jvmti.test.xml:48:
cl failed with return code 2

Date of build:	03/01/2007 01:49:04
Time to build:	4 seconds
Last changed:	03/01/2007 01:40:32
Last log entry:	Deleted svn:executable for a source

Execution log (errors/warnings messages):	
 Using CLASSLIB = C:\cruise\trunk\cc\projects\classlib\trunk
jars: true
using proxy settings: proxy.ims.intel.com port:911
    classlib root = C:\cruise\trunk\cc\projects\classlib\trunk
               os = Windows
             arch = ia32
              cxx = msvc
              cfg = debug
       components = deploy
## Compiling JVMTI natives in: C:\cruise\trunk\cc\projects\drlvm\trunk\vm\tests\jvmti\Breakpoint1

Unit Tests: (0)
No Tests Run: This project doesn't have any tests or tests were not run

Modifications since last successful build:	(1)
modified gshimansky  /harmony/enhanced/drlvm/trunk/vm/vmcore/src/class_support/inline_info.cpp
03/01/2007 01:40:32 Deleted svn:executable for a source

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