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From nom...@intel.com
Subject [build-test alert] BUILD SUCCEEDED Windows XP SP2 msvc debug: classlib over drlvm
Date Fri, 09 Feb 2007 21:11:13 GMT

Date of build:	02/10/2007 02:45:38
Time to build:	25 minutes 2 seconds
Last changed:	02/10/2007 00:42:17
Last log entry:	drlvm

Errors/Warnings:	(153)

Testing class libraries...

Checking for depends/jars/yoko_M2-20070130/yoko.jar
Checking for depends/jars/yoko_M2-20070130/yoko-core.jar
Checking for depends/jars/yoko_M2-20070130/yoko-rmi-impl.jar
Checking for depends/jars/yoko_M2-20070130/yoko-rmi-spec.jar
Checking for depends/jars/bcel-5.2/bcel-5.2.jar
Checking for depends/jars/xalan-j_2.7.0/xalan.jar
Checking for depends/jars/xerces_2.8.0/resolver.jar
Checking for depends/jars/xerces_2.8.0/xercesImpl.jar
Checking for depends/jars/xerces_2.8.0/xml-apis.jar
Checking for depends/jars/junit_3.8.2/junit.jar
Checking for depends/jars/bcprov-jdk15-134/bcprov.jar
Checking for depends/jars/icu4j_3.4.4/icu4j_3_4_4.jar
Checking for depends/jars/mx4j_3.0.2/mx4j.zip
Checking for depends/jars/ecj_3.2/ecj_3.2.jar
Checking for depends/jars/jetty/jetty-6.0.0.jar
Checking for depends/jars/jetty/jetty-util-6.0.0.jar
Checking for depends/jars/jetty/servlet-api-2.5-6.0.0.jar
Checking for depends/libs/windows.x86/msvcr71.dll
Checking for depends/libs/windows.x86/swing_awt_deps_winxp_2006-09-28.tgz
Since fork is false, ignoring memoryMaximumSize setting
Compiling ACCESSIBILITY classes
Compiling ACCESSIBILITY tests
Compiling ANNOTATION classes
Compiling ANNOTATION tests
Compiling APPLET classes
Compiling APPLET tests
Compiling ARCHIVE classes
Compiling ARCHIVE tests
Compiling AUTH classes
Compiling AUTH tests
Compiling AWT classes
Compiling AWT tests
java.lang.RuntimeException: expected from EDT
	at java.awt.EventDispatchThreadRTest$1.run(EventDispatchThreadRTest.java:29)
	at java.awt.event.InvocationEvent.runAndNotify(InvocationEvent.java:90)
	at java.awt.event.InvocationEvent.dispatch(InvocationEvent.java:77)
	at java.awt.EventQueueCore.dispatchEventImpl(EventQueueCore.java:138)
	at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent(EventQueue.java:144)
	at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.runModalLoop(EventDispatchThread.java:73)
	at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.run(EventDispatchThread.java:45)
Compiling BEANS classes
Compiling support classes for BEANS tests
Compiling internal BEANS tests
Compiling BEANS tests
Running internal BEANS tests
Running BEANS tests
Compiling CRYPTO classes
Compiling CRYPTO test support files
Since fork is false, ignoring memoryMaximumSize setting
Compiling CRYPTO api tests
Compiling CRYPTO api injected tests
Compiling CRYPTO impl injected tests
Compiling CRYPTO impl tests
Running CRYPTO api tests
Running CRYPTO api.injected tests
Running CRYPTO impl tests
Running CRYPTO impl injected tests
Compiling ImageIO classes
Compiling ImageIO tests
Compiling INSTRUMENT classes
Compiling INSTRUMENT tests
Compiling JNDI classes
Compiling JNDI tests
Compiling LANG-MANAGEMENT classes
Compiling LANG-MANAGEMENT Implementation tests
Compiling LOGGING classes
Compiling LOGGING tests
Compiling LUNI classes
Compiling LUNI JUnit Tests
Running LUNI JUnit Tests
java.io.IOException: Stream is closed
	at java.io.BufferedInputStream.read(BufferedInputStream.java:247)
	at java.io.FilterInputStream.read(FilterInputStream.java:137)
	at tests.support.Support_Exec$2.run(Support_Exec.java:199)
	at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:660)
Compiling MATH classes
Compiling MATH tests
Compiling MISC classes
Compiling MISC tests
Compiling NIO classes
Compiling NIO tests
Compiling NIO_CHAR classes
Compiling NIO_CHAR tests
Cannot find unmappable byte array for US-ASCII
Cannot find unmappable byte array for gb18030
Cannot find unmappable byte array for ISO-8859-1
Cannot find malform byte array for ISO-8859-1
Cannot find unmappable byte array for UTF-16BE
Cannot find malform byte array for UTF-16BE
Cannot find unmappable byte array for UTF-16LE
Cannot find malform byte array for UTF-16LE
Cannot find unmappable byte array for UTF-8
Compiling PACK200 classes
Compiling PACK200 tests
Running PACK200 tests
Compiling PREFS classes
Compiling PREFS tests
Compiling PRINT classes
Compiling Print tests
Compiling REGEX classes
Compiling REGEX tests
Compiling RMI classes
Compiling RMI api tests
Running RMI api tests
Unexporting MyRemoteObject1[UnicastServerRef[endpoint:[[]](local), ObjID[65536,
UID[20b0d980:110a84ea865:-7ff7]]]] ...
Unexporting MyRemoteObject1[UnicastServerRef[endpoint:[[]](local), ObjID[65537,
UID[20b0d980:110a84ea865:-7ff6]]]] ...
Unexporting MyRemoteObject1[UnicastServerRef[endpoint:[[]](local), ObjID[65538,
UID[20b0d980:110a84ea865:-7ff5]]]] ...
Unexporting MyRemoteObject1[UnicastServerRef[endpoint:[[]](local), ObjID[65539,
UID[20b0d980:110a84ea865:-7ff4]]]] ...
Unexporting MyRemoteObject1[UnicastServerRef[endpoint:[[]](local), ObjID[65540,
UID[20b0d980:110a84ea865:-7ff3]]]] ...
Unexporting MyRemoteObject1[UnicastServerRef[endpoint:[[]](local), ObjID[65541,
UID[20b0d980:110a84ea865:-7ff2]]]] ...
Unexporting MyRemoteObject1[UnicastServerRef[endpoint:[[]](local), ObjID[65542,
UID[20b0d980:110a84ea865:-7ff1]]]] ...
Unexporting MyRemoteObject1[UnicastServerRef[endpoint:[[]](local), ObjID[65543,
UID[20b0d980:110a84ea865:-7ff0]]]] ...
Compiling SECURITY classes
Compiling SECURITY test support files
Compiling SECURITY api tests
Compiling SECURITY api injected tests
Compiling SECURITY impl injected tests
Compiling SECURITY impl tests
Running SECURITY api tests
Running SECURITY api.injected tests
Running SECURITY impl tests
Running SECURITY impl injected tests
Compiling SOUND classes
Compiling SOUND tests
Compiling SQL classes
Compiling SQL tests
Compiling Sun Compat classes
Compiling SUNCOMPAT tests
Compiling TEXT classes
Compiling TEXT tests
Compiling TOOLS classes
Compiling Tools tests
Compiling X-NET classes
Compiling X-NET test support files
Since fork is false, ignoring memoryMaximumSize setting
Compiling X-NET api tests
Compiling X-NET impl injected tests
Compiling X-NET impl tests
Running X-NET api tests
Running X-NET impl tests
Running X-NET impl injected tests
The test report is in C:\cruise\trunk\cc\projects\classlib\trunk\build\test_report\html\index.html

Unit Tests: (15126)
All Tests Passed

Modifications since last successful build:	(1)
add cc-drlvm log20070210004217Lbuild.124 02/10/2007 00:42:17drlvm

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