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From ikapo...@csd.auth.gr
Subject Aggregator Problem (?)
Date Fri, 20 Dec 2013 15:48:51 GMT
Hello there,

I am using the Graph API and I have noticed something.
If a node votes to halt at a superstep, we suppose that he won't be  
part of the aggregation phase.
BUT he is included in the aggregation phase of the next superstep!

To be more precise:

- Imagine we have a graph with 10 nodes.
- At superstep 1 node K votes to halt.
- At superstep 2 we check the number of the nodes aggregated and its  
10. (it had to be 9)
- At superstep 3 we check again the number of the nodes aggregated and  
then it is 9! (which is the correct)

This persists only with the aggregators. Node K doesn't work at superstep 2.

Can someone confirm that this is a problem or am i missing something?

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