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From Anveshi Charuvaka <anvesh.s...@gmail.com>
Subject Is there something like BSP Peer ID?
Date Thu, 26 Sep 2013 20:29:58 GMT

In the BSP class's subclass we can send messages to other peers by name using 
but these peerNames are system generated and it seems there is no way to change these names.
Like in the Graph api, I can set up the ID of the vertex and in compute(), I can send a message
to a specific vertex if I know it's ID. In BSP api there seems to be no facility for this.
Is it possible using BSP api to map the system generated names of bsp peers like "local:0"
etc. to some ID of the peer that is provided in the setup?

The use-case is something like this. I know how many peers I am going to create and I would
like to assign them IDs. Inside the bsp() method I would like to send messages to only specific
set of peers and I would know which ones I am going to send messages to, because I'll have
their IDs. With system generated IDs I can not distinguish between peers. This is something
that can be easily achieved by the graph API, but I am trying to understand if lack of this
facility is a design decision in BSP api.


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