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From Panos Mandros <mandro...@gmail.com>
Subject Is Apache Hama suitable for building a decision tree?
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2012 18:40:10 GMT
I currently have implemented in Hadoop, Google's framework for building
decision trees (also known as PLANET). It is supposed to scale well in
very large datasets. But it has many problems. It scales only well if
the dataset has a few attributes. If a dataset has a lot of attributes,
that means it will have a lot of map/reduce jobs which means a big
start-up cost for all of these jobs. Google however uses it with a lot
of modifications on its Hadoop like platform and not on the algorithm
itself. PLANET starts with a single vertex and with map reduce jobs you
add more and more until the tree is fully build.

I have seen many times that Apache Hama is suitable for iterative
algorithms like graphs. Can someone build a new graph with Hama or you
just have as input a graph and make some computations on it? Will it be
easy to transfer my project to Hama?? Thanks

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